What a mess.


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Early last week the septic acted up again. So we bit the bullet and had the whole thing replaced. yep gross!!! I won’t go into the details as I am sure you can just imagine. It will take this summer to get our yard back to its original state.

See the guy in the back hoe waving? That’s Gerry. He dropped what he was doing and came and tore up the yard, installed the septic and field and left. He was such a great guy. but I think I just paid for his new fence. He had a crew working when I went to pay him. I guess that’s why he looks so happy. Haha.

We lost only a few trees in the process and had enough fill left over to help with some landscaping by the pond.

Benjamin was all ready to help Poppy with what ever needed to be done. However he was not very impressed when Poppy told him we will pay him in formula.

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