We think we can, we think we can.


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We think we can, we think we can. We. think. we. can. get. this. finished.

Sometimes it feels like nothing gets accomplished but we know a lot has been done on our renovation. Here’s a look at some things that are completed.

1. The “cutting in”  is finished and some walls have been rolled. I am nervous about this brown/grey “flagstone” colour for the living and dining room. But will finish it and if it is terrible I’ll have to repaint it. We will wait and see.

cutting in2. All the plaster work is complete and primed.

IMG_37913. The vinyl flooring has been laid in laundry, half bath and utility room. It looks super sharp. I can’t wait to see it all put together.

4. Both the sink in the laundry and half bath are also in. That took a bit of time. I was afraid that the belly sink would not fit in the half bath but it does; there is not an inch to spare.

IMG_37775. The ceiling in the room under the main bathroom has now been fixed and new tiles installed twice, the first time Todd did not like the job he did. Our friend Roger rolled the ceiling. Now we are ready for some flooring and wall paint.

baseboards6. Todd has installed most of the new heaters. the rest are getting a nice coat of Cloud White after they all have been primed. I hate to say this but I painted the heaters the same colours as the walls when I painted the house the last time. This is a mistake and one I will not be repeating. If you have to paint your heaters do them the same colour as your trim because the next time you go and paint your room it will be one less thing to paint… trust me.


7. These friggin doors are getting painted. Todd put these up a few years ago and when we went to put the house up for sale I wanted to paint them. But of course I heard the “you shouldn’t paint wood” lecture. Click here for more on that. Anyway after friends told him they needed to be painted he relented but was a little cranky about it. So before he could blink I grabbed the paint brush and marked it… no going back now. Trust us Todd it will be awesome.

8. All the new white outlets, switches and thermostats have been installed. Wow! What a difference that makes.

9. The kitchen cabinets have been cleaned and touched up, along with the two bathrooms upstairs. There is something so utterly gross about cleaning a toilet someone else has been using.

10. All the doors, trim and baseboards are installed and painted and are super duper clean. I can’t wait to show you some before and after shots.

And that is the update folks. Ten more things scratched off the list. We are coming along.



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