This christmas is going to be fun.


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This year Christmas will be extra good. There is nothing like a child’s wonder of Christmas. Our grandson just turned three and this year he knows about Santa, reindeer, and Christmas trees. I am so excited. Maybe even more than our grandson.

bves and santa

There are some activities around town that are great for kids and this past weekend we attended one in our community. It was a Santa breakfast. Boy was he excited when he saw Santa. This year he wasn’t side eyeing him. He got up in his arms and gave him a hug and a kiss. Several times in fact. So sweet.

bves hug santa

The breakfast was great also. Lots of food and kid breakfast stuff. Benjamin had waffles of course. It’s his favourite right now.

bves laughing w santa

santa collage

The weekend before last we had a good dump of snow. When I picked him up on Friday the snow was just starting and he was totally amazed. Huge snowflakes fell and we caught them on our tongues.

bves in snow

Saturday morning he woke up and saw lots of snow. He nearly lost his mind. And so did I. Getting kids ready to go outside is not for the faint of heart. But despite falling off mittens we had a great time. We did try to build a snowman but Molly kept jumping on our snow piles. So we explored the woods, threw snow at Molly, sled down the driveway and made snow angels.

bves wharf collage

Now the snow is gone but it’ll be back soon I’m sure. More fun to be had. God I love being a grandmother.

hugging poppy


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