The Kitchen – another step closer.


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kitchen with fridge

Last week I posted about doing the tile, well, it is done and I couldn’t be happier. I love it. It turned out exactly like I wanted. It’s beautiful and I’m proud to say that I did it. It took me awhile but its done. Our DIY kitchen renovation is one step closer to being complete.

close-up of tile

It was the first time I installed tile and seeing just how easy it is I have lots more plans using it around here, like the laundry room for one.
So what did I learn about tiling. Well one, it’s pretty easy and just about anyone can do it. Seriously if I could do it you sure can. I would recommend using a wet saw and by-pass those tile cutters. The wet saw does the job fast and easy. Grouting is messy. And you need to work in small areas at a time or that stuff is crazy hard to come off.

full view

So like I said we are one more step closer but with summer here I’ve decided I’m not doing anything else with the kitchen or the interior of the house. What’s left can wait for the fall because god knows summer is short here and mama needs to tan her fat ass as much as possible. Fat looks better brown people!

side view of kitchen

So what is left to do.

  1. Paint trim
  2. Paint ceiling
  3. Paint walls
  4. Install new lighting
  5. Add trim
  6. chaulk
  7. Paint pantry door
  8. Fix a few tiles behind fridge
  9. Paint above fridge
  10. Add extenders to the switches and replace covers

The biggest thing is the lights. I still have not found what I want or how to configure them. I’m hoping a few months of thinking about it will help.

close up od tile 2

If you want to know how to paint your cabinets check out my post about that. And to see some of the progress you can check out these posts here, here and here.

So that’s the kitchen. It’s come a long way and we are super pleased with the results so far. And if you forgot here’s a before and after. ha


kitchen with fridge and stove


full view

Have a great weekend.


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