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Last weekend the ladies and I went on our annual shore shopping trip. I always love this trip. We had fun and got great deals despite my dumb moment.

What’s shore shopping? Glad you asked. It’s a day trip where we leave St. John’s and travel to the community of Carbonear (it’s called up the shore) and then we work our way back home stopping and shopping at any store that has an open sign. So Carbonear, Harbour Grace, Spanairds Bay, and Bay Roberts are the communities we shop. We only enter stores not available in St. John’s. This way we get a true day of shopping that unique to the shore.

Here’s how our day went.

We all met at Geri’s for a 10 am round up. A quick trip to Tim Hortons for coffee and we are on our way. It’s takes about an hour and half to get there. So we had some chocolate treats to go with the coffee. Got to have lots of energy for shopping ya know.

First stop, TNT, to which we always sing “T, N, T, Dynamite!”, just a thing we do. TNT is a discount store that carries items from Costco, so we’re always looking for a bargain there. Most stuff is broken, unsaleable or missing a piece but in between all that you can usually find some great deals. We bought toys, food, chocolate mini eggs, candles but I think myself and Aileen scored big with the pads…yes, that kind. Always with wings…30 for $2.50. yes, score! We both bought a years supply! Those things are expensive. I was  jumping up and down. Aileen was more composed.

Then we went to Upstein’s. This is a clothing store with a small section of home goods. Let’s see. Aileen scored big time on the tops, I think she bought five. Geri got things for her husband, Trudy got some sunglasses. I scored big here. I got five outfits for Benjamin (my grandson) and a smoking jacket for Todd. DEALoRAMA!

A quick stop for lunch and we were off again.

Next we found a flea market called “Bayman’s flea market”. We just had to stop because I love anything old and beat up. The last thing Todd told me when I left in the morning was “Don’t bring back junk”! “Of course not”, we were shopping at retail stores. How was I to know we were going to find a flea market. Geeze.

Oh the stuff. The beautiful, dirty, old stuff. I’ll post about my find soon. We got homemade jam, some crochet scarfs and a few knick knacks.

Then to a road side stand. Local vegetables were purchased and we had a look at some folk art.

And then this happened.

Our next stop was Wescals. This is a great store with beautiful things, clothing, footwear, home deco and fabric. As everyone was leaving the vehicle to enter this store I wasn’t quite fast enough and Geri locked the doors. Guess who was left in the truck…Me. I could not get out. I yelled to the gals, I pounded on the window, yes pounded like a five-year old. Nobody turned a head, nobody heard me. Geri actually said “where’s Lesley?, she must have bolted into the store”. Ah no, I am locked in the SUV thank you. Ok, I tried the door several times. I could not reach the horn, so what did I do. I got out the cell phone and called her. “Ah, can you come back and get me out of here”, I said. “Out of where?”, said Geri. “I am locked in the SUV”, I reply. Out she comes and unlocks the truck. I get out and she starts to laugh. “You do know you could have just lifted up on this little knob” she smirked. Knob! What knob?oh that knob. I AM A KNOB!. it’s true. I am that dumb.

Now that you know just how stunned I am, back to the shopping. I buy nothing at Wescals but the girls went mad. Decorative flags, mats, designer shoes and purses, fabrics, clothes. I guess I was still smarting from the knob incident.

Last stop of the day was Rossy. Here more shoes are purchased at great prices and I bought bird house. About now we are tired. Our money is all gone. A great day. So off to another Tim Hortons drive through to grab coffee and head for the highway then home. “Pass the chocolate mini eggs would ya”. I eat half the bag. Don’t these gals know I am addicted to chocolate.

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