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I love going to the home improvement store, don’t you? Oh the stuff I would by if I had the lots of money. We don’t, so the goal was to buy renovation materials that was both nice and economical. And because of that we were limited to our choices. For me that is not a bad thing because when I have to many choices it becomes very confusing and I can not make a quick decision. Are you like that?

We needed flooring for the lower part of the house and decided on laminate and vinyl for their cleanability ( I know, not a word) and price. Laminate for the lower landing, family room and bedroom/office and vinyl for the laundry, half bath, storage room and breezeway. We scored great deals on both and I love a good deal. Sssswwwweeeetttt!

The vinyl will looked great with the Stone House and Cloud White paint by Benjamin Moore. It’s a lovely neutral flooring. Way better than the old stuff we had.


The laminate is like plain, each piece is solid… really nice. Also nicer than what we had there before. This will go with the colours flagstone and providence olive also by Benjamin Moore. I know it will look good.

laminate flooring

The next time you see these they will be installed. AWESOME.

Then we scored on two lights for the family room, like really scored… less than half for each and all because the young fella could not find what I wanted. Got to love that. And gotta love that they will replace the 70’s ceiling fans which in the ten years I had lived there I never turned on.

We got the door stripping for half price. We saved on the laundry sink and the belly sink as well.

The rest of the materials were not on sale. But I am sure if we were not in a rush I could have done better on the prices if I checked the weekly flyers.

We picked up the paint. I choose SICO. Three of this, two of that. Good paint is expensive but I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for. Cheap paint is just not worth it. I really hope I like the colours because to change them will really put a dent in our budget.

Baseboards, ceiling tiles, cleaning supplies, light switches and outlets, face plates, heaters, brushes, rollers, trays and the list goes on to garage door rubber thingies, and trim. Things are moving along nicely.



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