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This year I started my Christmas decorating around the first of December and as of yesterday I was still adding and moving stuff around but it’s done, really. I believe this was the earliest I have ever gotten the house ready for the festive season. It worked out so well that next year I am starting earlier. Like right after Remembrance Day.

centre piece

I did this for a few reasons. One being for our grandson. He knows about Santa now and because he spends a lot of time here I wanted him to be excited and to be able to help.

bves and santa

The second reason is because of my health. It takes me longer and longer to do things these days. I love that I could take my time and actually enjoy setting things up. Last year I was really late and didn’t do half the things I wanted.

And finally the third reason is I’m aways rushed, like most people starting at the middle of the month and before you know it it’s all over and you didn’t even enjoy looking at your tree or the crap you spent a week putting around your house.

So here’s what our house looks like for Christmas 2014.

Christmas 2014 House Tour


I used my old toolbox again this year. Adding a snowman, burlap, lights and a bunch of berries.

house tour 2014

My other tool box I am using as a centre piece. I added three white wreaths, some green and red berries and wrapped ribbon around the handle and called it done. Todd isn’t fussy about it, not so much how it looks but that he got to move it each time we eat. oh well.

centre piece collage

The ribbon here is used on the stairs as bows. I tried to match the green with other decorations as closely as possible. And kept mostly to green, red and gold. Usually I don’t really care but because I was early doing the decorating I was able to focus a bit more on making it nice and something I could sit and look at. I think I achieved that.


The rail between the two beams was decorated for the first time since moving here. Using the same colours and ribbon I just wrapped and stapled and twist tied. I really didn’t enjoy working with that mesh stuff. I have seen so many beautiful things done with it but I just couldn’t get a handle on it. Any way it’s there and its staying.

stairs collageThe stairs worked out better this year. I used white lights, greenery, red, green and gold bead garland, and bows. I added two snowmen to the bottom of the stairs to hide the extension cord. I really like it this year.

coffee tsble

For the coffee table I just added to what’s there year round. Which are antlers, tray and candles. I added some antique looking ornaments to the tray, a red reindeer and my red, white and gold cloth.  It’s simple and I think cute.


For the hutch between the living and dining area added an antique cloth, a string of berries, two gold lanterns and a festive tie to the ducks that live there year round.


The fireplace is kinda a mesh mash. And if I had more time and money. I would change it but its good enough for this year. The mantel is a bit weird as the old wood is not level so getting things not tipping over is a challenge and a pain. So I found a flat spot and added some cream and gold candle holders then added a swag of berries. I hung some wooden stars and my fast and easy NOEL banner. It was simple to make. Cut triangles, add lace edging, stenciled letters and join together with twine. So simple. On the hearth I added a wooden cutout moose with a small bow and my snowman tool box.

chicken collage

My red rooster is looking festive with his bow, I decided its a he. His name is Ralph. I found Ralph in my parents yard when they were down sizing and took him home. He sat at the top of the stairs for a year in the state I found him. Finally I spray painted him a gloss red and added some ribbon. Once the season is over I’ll dress him in a new bow. Ralph is a keeper for sure.

kitchen collage

In the kitchen I strung some red lights across the window, added my red candle tree and filled my tier basket with red and green ornaments. Simple. On the pantry door is my Christmas apron and a wreath that Todd’s Aunt Joanne made for us this year. The colours matched perfect!

And here’s the tree with my burlap garland that I made last year, white lights, red, gold and green ornaments and gold star.

Tree collage

christmas room

So that’s the house for this year. It was fun getting it all ready now it time to relax and enjoy. Merry Christmas to you all. I hope you have a great day wherever you are.


My Mummer Tree.


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This year I added something new to my Christmas decorating. I made a Mummer Tree. And I think I’ll be leaving it out long after the season is over. I love it.

Mummer Tree

I’ve collected mummers for a few years. Some mummers I bought from friends who make them from clay or wool and a few Todd bought me as gifts.

mummer gas can

Mummers are a part of Christmas where I live. And while the practice of dressing up and going door to door doesn’t happen it like it did years ago there is a revival of sorts. We have an annual parade that is now a big thing. There are loads of mummers to be bought, be it ornaments, art work or sculptures. We write and a sing about them. And no Christmas would be complete if you didn’t watch the Land and Sea special called “Any Mummers lowed in” featuring the famous song of the same title by Simani.

single mummer

Making my mummer tree was easy. With mummers in hand I went to the yard and got a few branches. Easy right. Next I dug out my grandmothers red oil can. My Moms mom was a character. Although she took religion to the extreme she was a kind and funny woman. She painted the engine of her car red! So I guess the red oil can was just part of the deal. I actually got the can from my father last year who had it for years in his garage and seeing how my parents have been divorced since I was in junior high he had it awhile. I’m so glad he kept it and gave it to me. It’s the only thing of hers I have. So the can makes a perfect container for my mummer tree.

mummer tree 2


beer mummer

Right now the branches are natural but after christmas I might try spray painting either red, black or white, just to see if it works better.

big mummer

So that’s it. It’s awesome I love it.

boob mummer


whistle mummer

mummer playing music


mummer tree 2


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Burlap Garland

I think I told you I have a life time of supply of burlap. Yeah. So thinking about how I could us some of it up I decided to make burlap garland for the tree. And once again it’s an easy craft. Crafts that are hard are not for me. Easy peasy is my motto.

burlap tree

So easy in fact you can do this while watching tv. Only draw back… it’s a bit messy. Lots of fibres.

garland burlap

Here’s what you need.




darning needle

Burlap garland close up

Here’s what you do.

Cut your burlap into strips. the longer the strips the better. Pick a width and don’t be concerned if you are not accurate it won’t make a difference. I went with two and half inches or there about. Thread your darning needle and decide on your length of garland. double knot the end. Next go in and out of the strip of burlap and bunch together. Do this until you run out of string. Seriously its easy and I think it looks awesome. Just a bit of rustic and country charm.

Have you made any decorations this year? How did it go?


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This year Christmas will be extra good. There is nothing like a child’s wonder of Christmas. Our grandson just turned three and this year he knows about Santa, reindeer, and Christmas trees. I am so excited. Maybe even more than our grandson.

bves and santa

There are some activities around town that are great for kids and this past weekend we attended one in our community. It was a Santa breakfast. Boy was he excited when he saw Santa. This year he wasn’t side eyeing him. He got up in his arms and gave him a hug and a kiss. Several times in fact. So sweet.

bves hug santa

The breakfast was great also. Lots of food and kid breakfast stuff. Benjamin had waffles of course. It’s his favourite right now.

bves laughing w santa

santa collage

The weekend before last we had a good dump of snow. When I picked him up on Friday the snow was just starting and he was totally amazed. Huge snowflakes fell and we caught them on our tongues.

bves in snow

Saturday morning he woke up and saw lots of snow. He nearly lost his mind. And so did I. Getting kids ready to go outside is not for the faint of heart. But despite falling off mittens we had a great time. We did try to build a snowman but Molly kept jumping on our snow piles. So we explored the woods, threw snow at Molly, sled down the driveway and made snow angels.

bves wharf collage

Now the snow is gone but it’ll be back soon I’m sure. More fun to be had. God I love being a grandmother.

hugging poppy


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white curtains white wallsHi

I finally got the curtains up. And I can’t believe how much I love them. So much so I tell Todd every day. They make the space so much nicer.

When we first moved here I was sure these windows would stay bare. I didn’t want anything in the way of the views. But once I figured out the plan for the room I knew I wanted something on the windows besides the white roll blinds. So I decided to go white. Yes more white. White drapes against white walls. Just subtle enough to be seen but not overpowering. They are there but they don’t take away from the views.

The drapes are HILLMARI from Ikea that I picked up last summer. They are simple bright white cotton with a white pattern. White on white. They are almost sheer like but not quite.

close up of pattern

The curtain rods were left here from the previous owners. Brand new still in the boxes. I had them squirreled away until I had a plan. They were a brassy colour so I sprayed them all with matt black. Perfect!

curtain rod




room beforeroom before 2


room afterroom after with curtainsroom after 2curtains added

Definitely better. And for less than $100.00. Now you can’t beat that.

Have a great weekend.


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