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Are you watching Downton Abbey?

downton abbey_thumb[1]

OMG, it’s so good. I binged watched season four last week and this week I finished up season five. I just love that show. No really I love it. I was sad when I finished. Are you a fan?

There are so many things I love. I love the fashions. The flapper is now raging in season five. Head jewelry and all. Just look at those colours especially Rose and Edith’s dresses.

downton fashion

I also love the sets. I am fascinated with its designs. Recently I noticed a few things that caught my eye. Love the egg holder in the kitchen (bottom right). I want one. And those copper pots and ceramic dishes. Oh my.

downton kitchenThen there is the silver in the Crawley’s dining room. Isn’t that beautiful?



If I had to pick which style I’d prefer to have in my home I think it would be the kitchen. But I do have some silver. Some stirling, some plated. And after watching the lady maids and valets polishing boots. I decided to clean some of my silver.

These pieces I picked up while thrifting with a friend. The scalloped dish I have a place for the plate piece is still up in the air. However I did use it at Christmas, adding candles and spruce cones.

Silver Plated Pieces Before Cleaning

silver plate

silver dish

Close up details

silver detail collage


Seeing The Difference.

cleaning silver

All Done.

silver dish cover polished

silver plated after

Using my cleaned up scalloped dish to hold my fragrances. Love.

silver dish for perfume

silver dish perfume collage

So are you an upstairs or downstairs Downton Abbey fan? I’m both.


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In an effort to get our crap under control I decided to clean the pantry. I’m not sure how this space gets out of control seeing how I am the one who cooks. But it’s a friggin mess. All. The. Time.

So the other day I couldn’t take it anymore after looking for a can of tomato soup. I tore that thing apart. Out came everything. and placing the garbage can near me I started gutting.

Out with the expired crap. Yes, there was a lot of that.

Out went the stuff I placed in containers. I finally have my Tupperware back.

Out went boxes of stale cereal. Yes, several.

Out with things we are never going to use. Yeah, dried hummus mix I’m talking to you.

With everything out I gave the shelves a good scrub. They really need to be painted or replaced or something but that’s for another time. Today I just want to be able to find a friggin can of tomato soup. So back in things went. This time I placed like things together. Pasta with pasta, soup with soup, cereal with cereal, etc. Baking stuff went in a tote like container I had on hand. Seems simple but boy simple gets lost on me.

I did for a second think about getting some pretty containers like you see all over Pinterest but who got time for labeling and refilling. Not. Me. Besides I’m the only one rooting around in there. Well, except when Todd is looking for chips. Which now can be found on the bottom shelve, along with other snack foods. Thank you very much.

Now if I can only keep it like this.



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Well winter seems to have finally arrived. This time last year we were up to our ears in snow but this year the snow is only now sticking around and I don’t mind it at all.

winter wreath

Born in Labrador and raised in Corner Brook makes this gal long for the white fluffy stuff. It just doesn’t seem right if there aren’t piles of the white stuff around. Beautiful, beautiful snow. I never really understand when people say they would rather have rain. Yes, I get that you don’t have to shovel it but you can’t do anything when its raining. You really can’t or at least I cant.

boots my mom sent me from up north. love.

boots my mom sent me from up north. love.

I love being outside when there’s snow. Even if it’s just walking around the yard. I love how everything looks so clean and bright. How the sun reflexes on it. How it attaches itself to trees. How when its frosty it crunches when you walk even if your nose hairs are sticking together.

bves winter

And now that our grandson is three I am spending more time outside. Over the past few weekends we have bundled up and enjoyed the fresh air. From sledding down the driveway to making sure the bird feeders are full. Its fun. Well except for the mitts falling off part.

nana and bves

The past two weekends finds us going through our wooded areas. He calls it “an adventure” and even the smallest elevation is a hill to be climbed. Each time we enter the woods he asks us which way and then proceeds to tell us. His curious mind is a wonderful thing to experience.


Soon we will be able to go ice fishing. Right now the pond is frozen but not safe enough. I can’t wait to get the snowmobile out there. It’s so much fun going fast across the pond plus that doesn’t hurt my back. There’s nothing more awesome than being on the pond and then coming in and getting some hot java.

winter trees

Do you like winter? or are you longing for summer?




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We are now owners of a robot. A black robot who decided to make itself comfortable in the man cave. He hisses and glows and scares Molly but Bud has taken a liking to him and so have I.

Englander 25

Actually it’s a pellet stove. An Englander 25. Todd did the install himself which he says was pretty easy. I don’t know, I kinda freaked when he started drilling a hole in the wall to the outside and when he moved the outlet. But we had it inspected and it was approved with flying colours from our insurance company. So there’s that.

We decided on the pellet stove for a number of reasons, being wood heat without the mess was the biggest. I can barely keep this place clean now. And I say that loosely, I am not the best house keeper. But cleaning up ashes and bark and twigs and mud was just to much for me. The cost to heat our house was the other biggie. Our heat bill was quite high last year. Yes, it was a long and cold winter but the money we gave the power company was insane. Like cry insane. So we bit the bullet and went in search for a pellet stove we liked. There was a few models to choose from. Like classic wood stove looking ones to super slick modern ones. From cheap to super expensive. In the end we went middle of the road and leaned toward a more modern model with good reviews.

bud and stove

Right now it looks a bit out of place but once we get around to redoing this room it will fit in with our plans. At least that’s what I am hoping. I was bummed about the location but because of restrictions this was the one and only spot that the robot could sit. Not in the corner or between two windows like I wanted. Nope right smack dab in the middle of the one long wall. But it’s there, it is working and I love the heat. I have spent more time down here in the past month than I have in four years.

todd and wood stove

But poor Todd. Gone is his man cave. So gone in fact that he installed a wood stove in the garage. He has a corner set up with chairs, stereo and beer fridge. He says he is putting a TV out there. Ok. But if he looking for me I’ll be by the pellet stove with my book, remote, iPad and Bud all curled up.


It’s A New Year.


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I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. We had a great time. Our Grandson was with us for four days, starting Christmas Day and that made our Christmas extra fun. Seeing his face light up while opening presents was so sweet.

We spent time with family and friends and completed another year of giving to the Wisemen Centre. all good. But now it’s over and while I loved the season and everything that goes with it…ahem chocolate. I was glad to put it all away. I was glad when I took the tree and decorations down making the place less cluttered. A clean slate almost. Great for a the start of a New Year.

BVES Christmas

Do you get excited about starting the New Year? I do. I can’t wait actually. There are so many things running through my head its hard to know where to start. From the renos for the house, to decorating, DIY, books, rugs and photography. I’m super excited.

This year the house will continue to get upgraded, improved and DIYed. Redoing the laundry room is one goal I’d like to achieve. Along with the gallery walls. There are no shortage of projects in this house that’s for sure and now with the walls painted, wharf and deck built and kitchen done we are free to move on to smaller projects.

And I am also getting upgraded, improved and DIYed. Yesterday I thought about the things I haven’t been doing and it gave me the sads. I don’t know what actually happened but year 2014 was a complete flop in regards to filling my bucket. I rarely took a picture except with my phone. I never touched rug hooking. I didn’t do any road trips. I read maybe seven books. I didn’t create. So I plan on changing that. Year 2015 here I come!


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