My Spring Wreath.


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Over the last few days it has poured. And for once I am not complaining as it is getting rid of the snow. I can’t wait for it to be all gone. We still have a bit to go and the ice is still on the pond but signs are there that it wont be for much longer. It’s quite ugly outside our house. Which is why I needed something to show that it is spring at least according to the calendar.

Last week I showed you my spring wooden tool box that I use on our table. It was a cute, easy and cheap project. Today I got another. Its my Spring wreath using my driftwood wreath as a base. You can see the other ones I’ve done herehere and here using the same base.

I like a wreath on my front door, like most people. I like one for different seasons, like most people. What I don’t like is having wreaths all over the place and using them over and over. Using the driftwood wreath as a base solves this for me. I got mine from HomeSense in the states known as HomeGoods. If you are looking for one there are lots on Etsy and amazon.


base wreath

So here’s what I did for this Springs wreath. Again I used fake flowers and greenery.

fake flowers

Taking apart the flowers from the stems I played around with the layout of the flowers. Once I got something I liked I just used my hot glue gun and started attaching them to the base and to each other adding layers. Super easy. Total time for this was about thirty minutes from start to finish.

spring wreath

My previous wreaths had lots of colour, this year i went with white and pale green. I am going through a white period right now. All my walls got painted white last fall. I think I’d have everything white if I had the money and the ability to keep it clean but I don’t. We live in the country with two dogs and Todd likes to get his hands dirty. So the best I can do is a white flower wreath for my door and spray nine for the walls.

spring wreath 2


A Bit of Spring.


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According to the date on the calendar its SPRING. Not so much in my yard I’m afraid. Newfoundland is always behind in this regard.

snow this spring


fire pit spring

But just because its cold and unspring like today and our snow piles are still pretty big I decided to try to get into a spring like mood and added a bit of the season to our table.

tool box

This project was super fast and easy and brings a cold day some much needed cheeriness.

long shot toolbox

I used my old wooden toolbox that I had previously stained walnut to match the table. Then I just added some white fake flowers and some greenery that I picked up at Dollarama and Walmart.

toolbox collage

It adds to the sort of country look of the place. But i do think I need some type of runner. any suggestions?



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Hi Guys.

Total silence from me for over a month. Well that’s just crazy. Without boring you I’ll fill you in a bit on the dead air here. For the most part I’ve been really sick with two infections and pnuemonia. The good news is that I’m on the mend and that through some tests i had we are discovering some of the reasons I’ve been feeling crappy for a few years. Yes years. I see the doc again at the end of the week.

Ok enough about that. Let’s see there is a lot to tell during my blog hiatus. Yes, let’s call it that. I went on a trip. We don’t travel much. Like never. So it was a great adventure for me. We spent a week in Jamaica. I’m working on my pictures so I can share.


I started my gallery walls and even had Todd build me some frames which I stained. It’s still a work in progress but I will show you some things about that project. And another small diy project.

We’ve had our grandson here lots and he’s a riot. Just can’t get enough of that kid. I’m sure all grandparents feel the same but he does put a smile on my face.

bves on ice

So that’s the lowdown. I’ve missed posting and now that I’m feeling better hopefully I can get on a semi regular schedule and get myself back to normal. Right now I am trying to get the house back into some kind of order. Yes it’s a total diaster. Wishing my cleaning crazy mother was here to do it…lol. So it’s back to cleaning and laundry. Theres enough dog hair to knit a few sweaters. Oh and the laundry. It’s washed but there’s about ten loads piled on the spare bed waiting to be folded. All my clothes have been pjs. Good job I have four drawers full of them.


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dresser side view


Years and years and years ago a boss of mine gave me some antiques. I know! LUCKY. He had three pieces that he couldn’t fit into his home so he offered them up to me. Never one to turn away from antiques I jumped up and down, clapped my hands and said yes.

dresser side view detail

One piece was a square oak table and the others… matching oak dressers. One with drawers and one with a small stool. All pieces needed work but the dressers needed the most. They were painted green and navy with several more layers of paint underneath. Sorry, no photos this was the 1990s. Just imagine yuck.

antler 2

Then many, many years ago I stripped all that gross blue and green paint off. Cans and cans of stripper used and I am sure some of those layers of paint were lead based but it was the 90’s, I was younger and the thought never even crossed my mind about the harm. So I stripped those dressers and gave each some Tung oil and used them in my home.

Fast forward to this house. The dresser with the stool had a definite place. The dresser with the drawers… place unknown. So I left it in the garage. Big, big mistake. The wood laminate started to let go and buckle from the lack of heat, cold temps, to much heat and basic neglect. I was sad. The dresser was sad. Sadness.

baskets for dresser

The two long drawers were shot. No amount of work from me would fix the mess they were in. Not wanting to throw the piece away I decided to give it a new life sans drawers. First I stained it walnut. Actually two coats providing a nice deep colour that highlights the pretty details.

dresser detail

I added two boards where the drawers sat and place white/cream baskets that I purchased at Wicker Emporium. I Love that store. Six baskets in total at half price, I think was around thirty dollars. So pretty cheap. I then got out the coconut oil and greased it up. Amazed at what that stuff does. Check out the other piece where I used coconut oil.

antler carving

Then adding some glass knobs and I called it finished. Pleased.

oiling the dresser

It now has a place and a purpose. The baskets hold pens, address books, cameras, cords, flashlights, candles. The drawers hold phone books, papers and bills. Lots of storage for the little crap that has no place.

dresser side view

dresser redone

To style it I went for simple. I used a lamp from Wicker Emporium that I got for thirty dollars. It looks great with the wood and white walls. Those circles are a creamy colour and make the nicest noise when moved. The carved antler was a birthday gift from my Mom. Its one of my most prized possessions. She got it while working in the North West Territories. The red birds print came from Winners.

So that another project crossed off the huge list of To-Do’s around here.





Getting My MCM On.


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I don’t really have a decorating style. If I had to try to guess I would say eclectic. I like bits and pieces of all styles, country, modern, traditional, french, scandi, boho etc. So when I found this little Mid-Century Modern bar cabinet I had to have it. I needed something for an empty corner. Plus it was seven bucks.

It’s about two feet by a foot and a half. I’m not sure of the wood type, the top looks like laminate with solid wood doors, sides and tapered legs.

The inside provides storage for some items I don’t want to throw away but don’t use often, like vases. I know its intended propose is a bar and having a bar cabinet filled with the ingredients for the latest cocktails are all the rage but Todd is a beer drinker and I rarely drink. So storage it is. Plus with an actual bar down in the man cave using this cabinet for holding liquor would be a waste.

mcm bar cab before


mcm cab inside before


It was in alright shape. Doors working, Nothing broken. But it does need some TLC.Right now I just want it cleaned up enough so it doesn’t look like we are living in a state of disrepair or in a slum house.

The top is in rough shape. Lots of scratches with a couple of deep ones.

mcm top before

I have read somewhere that you could use coconut oil or olive oil with vinegar to recondition wood. So I thought I’d give it a whirl. Nothing to lose but a bit of my time as I had the coconut oil on hand.

Placing a bit of coconut oil in a bowl and using a cotton rag. I just rubbed it all over and then buffed.

cocnut oil in bowl

Honestly I was pretty impressed with how the little cabinet turned out.

before and after cabinet

Here’s a side by side of the front doors. You can really see the difference between the oiled and buffed side and the side before.

mcm doors duringAnd here’s the bar cabinet all finished and put in place with a plant I keep killing and bringing back to life. Its not perfect but it is nice enough for now.

mcm in corner

A few close-ups.

mcm top during

mcm finished detail

Who knew that coconut oil could do this. Now I need to do all my wood pieces.

Have a great weekend.

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