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I don’t have or wear a lot of jewelry. I have two pairs of earrings and two rings (wedding rings and a staircase ring) that I wear all the time. I have a few bracelets and a watch. What I do have a lot of are necklaces. Some new, some old, some cheap, some not. Lots of necklaces. And I have them everywhere. In my jewelry box, in my makeup drawer, hanging from knick knacks and one even hanging off the thermostat. Not the best way to see or organized those dangling things of mine. I tried putting them in my jewelry box but they don’t all fit and plus you can’t see them when they are jumbled into a big mess.

Jewelry Organizer

I looked into buying one of those big jewelry chests but I could not find one that wasn’t a french provincial sort of thing. Nothing that was funky or even plain. Plus I didnt want another piece of furniture in the room. So I went to Pinterest and started looking around. I saw a project that seamed real easy and smart. Best of all it was something I could do and it would solve my problem fast. A wooden hanger was the answer!

This was so easy. Once I had my supplies it took about forty-five minutes. Faster if you are comfortable with a drill which I am not.

material hanger

So cups hooks, wooden hanger and a drill. Oh and something to hang your hanger on. I just bought a cheap hook at Canadian Tire.

wooden hanger close up

Drill small starter holes, spaced evenly across your hanger. Then screw in your cup hooks. With some hangers you might not even need a drill. The wooden hanger I used was real old and looks like it was made from a hard wood. I did try screwing the hooks in myself but it wouldn’t work. If your hanger is made of pine you might be able to just screw it in.

wooden hanger side

I placed my jewelry organizer behind the bedroom door. Now finding a necklace to go with what I’m wearing is super easy. That is if I am not wearing my pajamas.

jewelry organizer front


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Well June is finally here and that means we got to get things done around the outside. Each year I come up with a list of what we need to do. Here’s last years list. The dock was the biggest project and took almost the whole summer to complete. I’m happy to say this year we will get to really enjoy it. Let’s hope the summer weather is good.

front left garden close up

So with the dock done this year is mostly about landscaping and gardening. When we moved here there was little done in that regard and while we have big plans it takes time and money so we go slow but it’ll all get done before we die I’m sure. After all this is a forever home and each year we plan and replan. This year is no different.

In May we raked and cleaned up the property. That honestly took weeks. I can’t tell you the amount of leaves we raked up. We put out the patio furniture even though its still pretty chilly. We bought a new piece for the dock that I can’t wait to try. And I finally got a hammock. I always wanted one of those. We weeded the flower beds and got rid of the million rocks that seems to have grown there over the winter. Last fall I cut down all the flower beds and that was a great help. So clean up is completed and can be checked off.

So with that done we can get down with some plans. This is the to do list for the summer of 2015.

  1. Tire swing
  2. Sand box
  3. Planters for the dock
  4. Buy flowering baskets
  5. Mulch flower beds
  6. Fix flagstone by the dock
  7. Remove retaining wall
  8. Remove lattice for deck
  9. Add white plastic lattice to deck
  10. Add new plants to garden
  11. Remove fire pit
  12. Add pea gravel to dog run
  13. Add flagstone path front to the backyard
  14. Remove all grass from top of property
  15. Grade the area to the height of driveway
  16. Plant white pine trees
  17. Add fill to cut out area in driveway
  18. Remove trees
  19. Fix area we cut last year. This includes paths topsoil, planting, fill, stump removal.
  20. Add deck box to dock
  21. Clear cut left side of dock
  22. Clean out wooded area by the small pond
  23. Clean stream of rocks, sticks and crap
  24. Add small patch for veg garden
  25. Make bird houses
  26. Relocate flagstone to front yard
  27. Add three huge rocks to front yard
  28. Grade bottom driveway
  29. Add French drain to driveway
  30. Add gravel to driveway
  31. Topsail and seed area along driveway
  32. Make planter box by driveway
  33. Remove moss from roof of garage and house
  34. Paint doors black
  35. Start plans for front of house
  36. Add wood fence to left side by stream
  37. Add ground cover and rocks to bank
  38. Install watering system
  39. Move all things to one area in yard so I don’t lose my mind at the mess
  40. Add composting bins
  41. Build new fire pit
  42. Build some patio furniture
  43. Paint bird houses
  44. Order top soil
  45. Reseed lawn
  46. Add nonslip stuff to dock

And I think that’s the mind dump of summer stuff we would like done around here. I wonder how much we can get done? Good job we like doing this stuff.


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Can you believe its June? I got so much to do. Like get that sewing machine into the house. But I promised myself I would finish a few projects first. And here’s one of them. It was super easy and quick. I’m embarrassed to say it took me so long to get it done. I had all the supplies here. God I really need to get it together.

bulletin board title

In my studio there are lots of windows and very little walls space and one of the things I need is to be able to pin-up things like pictures and stuff. I was just going to get a bulletin board but it would look odd and boring. So I decided to make something a little more cute.

At our wedding we had a photo booth. I never got rid of it thinking I could use it somehow. I also had chicken wire that I bought for the wedding to make round balls with lights. Well that didn’t work out. I tried and after a few failed attempts just gave up. So I had all that was needed to make a pin-up board.

  • frame (from wedding)
  • chicken wire (from wedding)
  • miniature clothes pins (Walmart)
  • staple gun
  • wire cutters or old scissors

miniture clothes pins

With all supplies on hand I made this and had it hung in less than thirty minutes. Handling the chicken was a bit tricky but taking your time its pretty easy to get it laid out. But watch out its sharp.

side view bulletin board

Using your staple gun first staple at the centre of the longest side then pull the chicken wire and staple to the top centre. Next staple the one small side then the opposite side pulling the wire as tight as you can. Once your wire is secured on four sides (in the centre) tightly work your way around the frame from side to side pulling as you go. You want the wire to be tight. I had to remove some staples a few times trying to get the wire tight so don’t worry if you have to do that.

So easy and it looks nice on the wall.

bullin boad on wall


So that is another project scratched off the list. Now onto the next one.

Have a great week.




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I have a running list in my head of the things I want to get, things I need to find and projects I want to do. It’s chaos in there I tell you. Poor Todd is begging me to finish anything. I got a shelve down stairs full of things I have collected for various rooms and projects. It’s an issue.

So I go around to used and antique shops. I scroll the local buy and sell. Sometimes I’m lucky, most times I’m not. But last week I was doing my thing and checking out Kijiji and wouldn’t you know it one of the things I’ve been looking for was there and for a real good price. No, it didn’t matter that I said I wasn’t going to buy anything else. I had to have it. So I emailed and it was still available. And yes I could have it. Sweet. I said I’d be by the next morning to pick it up.

Here’s what I scored. An antique Singer sewing machine. Seriously I’ve wanted one forever and here it was for seventy-five dollars. It worked too!

old singer sewing machine

close up sewing machine

I already have a sewing machine that I can use so the machine itself will be removed and displayed in the house somewhere. So I guess it’ll go down to my shelf until I can figure that out. But for the case (not sure what you would call it) I have plans. This baby is going in our master bath and will be used as a makeup table.

iron sewing machine

The wood needs to be striped and the iron needs a real good scrub. I thought I would keep the wood in its natural state but after looking at it I think I have to repaint. But I’m fine with that as I am thinking here’s a good chance to do something real bright and colourful. I am thinking a warm red. Or Aqua or Kelly green. Oh I don’t really know yet I just know it’s going to be bright.

Here’s some sewing machines turned in make-up tables.

reciclar_maquina_coser_mesa_tocador reciclar_maquina_coser_tocador_joyero


I cant wait to start.


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playing in mudHi

What a great weekend we had. The weather wasn’t that great but it didn’t stop us from exploring outside. Our grandson arrived on Friday and while poppy went to town to do errands Nana and B had some outside fun. Every puddle was attacked, every bit of remaining snow was walked on, every duck was followed (there was two) and every plane in the sky was counted. It was a great Friday.

bves in mud

time for some fun

Saturday was the same except the temperatures were warmer which helps with playing in the mud. Everyone wore rubber boots and splash pants. Todd and B were dressed the same.

Fridays activities left us dirty enough to call for baths and showers upon entry to the house. So rubber pants were a must. As was getting bird and duck food. B helped his Poppy fill all the feeders around the yard. We gathered sticks, some we piled for a fire and some we used for playing.

bves looking at planes

look a plane a plane

Our snow is just about gone. I know it’s the first of May. There are a few stubborn spots left. The ice was finally gone as of Monday morning. It was there on Saturday as you can see I took a picture of the two ducks. So finally I can look out over the pond and think about the months ahead rather than wondering if it’s ever going to get warm. Molly however thinks its fine. Her first swim was yesterday.

ducks on ice

think their feet are cold

molly swimming

Our outside areas need so much work. while walking and playing with B I was making lists in my head. It’s going to be a lot of work and with misters bad hip and back we decided B will be working for his keep. Where can you find good miniature yard tools for toddlers? That kid will be raking.

bves filling bird feeders

helping poppy out

And with all the projects lining up on the outside, like taking down the christmas lights. OMG I can’t believe they are still up. I am also cleaning out my disaster of a studio. It’s embarrassing, I’m going to show it to you anyway because I’ve no shame. Sorry Mom!

Studio collage

yes i live with this in my house

This was the way it was last week and so far I’ve spent most of my free time cleaning and gutting it out. So far I’ve thrown out three bags and that is not counting the paper work that has to be sorted.

signs of spring

some signs of spring

So the christmas lights will stay up for a few more days as I get this room finished to the point where I don’t want to run and scream. I’m aiming for Friday.

mud hole

the mud hole we found

bves full of mud

its was pretty messy

Oh and I scored a deal on kijjii yesterday that we picked up this morning. I can not wait to share it with you.


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