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Hi and happy Friday,

This past summer was great for gardening. I worked at it a lot, planting and replanting. I made progress on a new area which will take a few years to finish. I’ll show that soon. But for today I thought you might like to look at some pretty flowers. I’m hoping to frame a few of these for the gallery wall.

So lets look at some pretty. This is not all my flowers just some shots that came out nice.




yellow centre flower

hens and chicks

clips flower

Day lily

soft purple flower

bleeding heart

fushia flower

small purple flowers


purple flower

tall yellow flower

purple creeper flower


nanas helperAnd Nana’s little helper.

Have a great weekend.


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Its been a while since I posted and I feel I need to do some catching up. I never intended to go silent on the blog but sometimes life just gets in the way and the one thing that suffers is this space. But with summer over and we all get back into a routine I am hopeful I can post more on the regular. I do love fall for that reason.

my leg

This summer was a busy one with lots of company, travels and projects. We made great progress on our summer to-do list but fell short on a lot of things. Once I get my pictures organized I’ll start posting those projects.  There was a big one that took the whole summer. Our gardens were added to in a big way. I’m sure I planted and replanted a hundred things. We had soil delivered and tractors hired. Our grandson had a lot of fun with that, with most days having to strip his clothes at the door he was so dirty. He also spent much time in the water learning to float and kick.

bves swimming

On the company front we had friends and relatives visit and seems there was endless cooking on the grill and takeout. One thing I love about fall is being able to go back to some home cooked meals.

I read some books but not as many as I wanted so my never-ending pile didn’t get a dent. I recently purchased four more Newfoundland titles that I can wait to enjoy. While driving to Corner Brook a few weeks ago I was listening to Cross Talk on CBC and heard about so many great books. I had to listen to the podcast to write them down once I arrived at my parents. So I’m hoping this fall to read those.

smoke bush

So here’s to a great Fall season and I’ll be back next week to show you some things we did around here.






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On our summer to-do list were a few small projects that I wanted done around the yard for our grandson.

bves swing 2

One, a swing and the other a sandbox. Both a hit! Benjamin loves them which was what we hoped for and with the crazy weather we had it was great for him to be able to use these when he couldn’t get in the water.

petra swing 2

The swing is just a tire. And while I haven’t gotten on it yet it has been used by Benjamin and our niece. Super fun for kids. I think it will be a hit for years to come. I was thinking on painting it red. Not sure how the paint would hold up. I’ll have to do some research because I’m sure someone has done it.

bves swing

The next project was a sand box. Todd my super handy husband whipped this up in no time. We bought five bags of playground sand and poof instant kid fun. Benjamin and I brought out shovels, buckets and trucks which his cousin loved playing with.

petra sand

We decided to place it close to the water and near the deck and dock so he could enjoy it while nana and poppy could swim Molly. Also it’s nice that he can swim then play and we don’t have everything all over the place. So far it’s been great.

petra sand box

So that’s two more things crossed off the list.


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cover shot painted cushionsHi

How’s your summer going? Here it’s been a mixed bag of weather. June was so promising with great weather which meant we started a lot of projects on our to do list.  Then July hit and it was the worst. It was cold and wet. Worst July in a generation was the news story. So bad in fact the local police faked an arrest of the local weather man. Unfortunately that was the time my sister and niece arrived for their holiday. We did manage a few days enjoying the pond with the kids but for the most part it was days with the propane fireplace on. August is looking much better so finally we can get back to finishing off some projects and maybe get to swim and enjoy the yard.

Today I want to show you my painted patio cushions. Yes, I painted them. Call me crazy, my mom did when I told her what I was doing.

Back in May when we brought out the summer stuff. I was so grossed out by my cushions. We bought out patio furniture three years ago so this would be summer three. Now I loved the set but boy did those green cushions get dirty.

white and brown deck

I tried everything to get them clean but being a light solid colour placed under trees makes for a mess. I now understand why there are so many flower patterns around. But I don’t like flower patterns so I went with plain. Mistake. Plus we have such crappy weather at times I’m sure I was supposed to put them away when it rained. But I’m lazy and once the set goes on the patio deck it’s there until we are ready to put away. I’m sure there are people who do that where we live but I’m not one of them. Result. Crappy looking patio cushions. So gross in fact I was thinking of throwing the whole set out and buying new. But I’m cheap so I figured if I could just get one more summer out of it I’d feel better about replacing it next year.

See how dirty.

dirty cushions

So with that in mind I set out to figure out how to save the set for one more year. God Google is great. What did we ever do without the web. I found different cleaning solutions but seeing how I had already tried that I wasn’t sure it would work. Then I remembered a girl who painted her sofa and thought that might work for my cushions. More googling. Yup people have done this before. So after looking at a few sites I thought I’d try. I had some light green paint and a cheap brush. I told Todd what I was doing and I think he just stared at me. See crazy. But honestly it worked.

old paint

Here’s what I did. First I gave them a cleaning with soap and water. After they were dry I just painted them. I used some leftover latex greenish paint.  Applied two coats and called it done. I think it took me about five hours total but you might be faster as I had to stop and start several times.

Here’s a picture of the process. Once the paint went on you can see just how bad the cushions were.

half painted cushion


And here’s the set all done. What a difference.

close up painted cushion


Set after 3

set after 2Set after 1

Looks pretty good! I was supper impressed. It’s now the middle of august and these cushions are the same as the day I painted them. So glad I tried this. who knows maybe I’ll even keep the set for another year.


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Front door collageHi

This past summer was a mixed bag of weather. June was so promising with great weather which meant we started a lot of projects on our to-do list, including this one. Then July hit and it was the worst. It was cold and wet and nothing got done.

Actually this project was supposed to happen last year. That’s when I bought the paint. I did debate using a green but Todd wasn’t fussy so we decided black. I love black so I wasn’t to upset at compromising. Actually black turned out to be the perfect colour because…. flies, yes flies. Who knew flies would be the deciding factor on colour. Here’s why. We live just outside the city in a small town on a lot with lots of trees. Very private. It’s lovely but with the lovely comes flies. Like millions and millions. They don’t bit they are just everywhere. So millions of flies and a white door makes like we live in squalor. They leave their mark on white plus little spiders also show up and because those little spiders catch the flies. Well you see where I’m going. Black doors would at least camo the whole mess. Every now and then I’d get rid of the spiders and their webs but then well flies. Anywhooo back to painting.

The side door was pink and so was the front door at one point but I think the previous owners painted it white to sell. I had repainted it white the year we got married to freshen it up but it was now time to get some colour on there even if it was black.

The side door was easy. We have a plain door with no windows. Eventually I want to replace this door with the front one as it’s a full window door. Our hallway beyond this side door is extremely dark and even though this side of the house doesn’t get a ton of light it will be better than it is now.

So here’s the side door before in all its pink glory.

pink door before

And here’s the AFTER. Nice.

side door black

I used an outside door paint in plain black. I wasn’t going to get caught up in deciding on a shade as that would have me spinning my wheels for weeks. So straight up black.

The front door however was a bit more tricky. Not the painting itself but deciding what to paint black and what to keep white. Both the side window panels and the door has white squares inset into them. I’m sure there’s a term or name but I’m to lazy to find out. Lol so those are white and you can’t change them. The door frame has trim that’s standard but then there’s wide trim around that. Also there was strips between the door and the windows and a moulding around each of the three windows. I swear I looked at the door each time I left the house for two weeks trying to figure it out.

Front door before

Then I got smart. Doesn’t happen often but I got the idea of doing a mockup. So I took a picture of the door with the windows. I got it as centred on as possible. Just used my phone which by the way takes great pictures. Then I set out to find a way to colour my door. After all it was better to have it all worked out before I made mistakes or painted an area that didn’t work.

Being a girl on a mission I searched for photo apps that would allow you to paint your picture. I thought this would be fairly easy but I could not find what I was looking for. Lots of photo apps do lots of nice things with filters and such but none would let me paint over my picture. Then I found Paint Tester. (Free and Perfect). I’m so impressed with this app that I’m sure I will be using it all the time now. It really did help me decide on how to get this door to look its best.

Here are the 5 options that I came up with.


option 1


option 2

option 3

option 4

option 5


Which one did you like the best? Can you guess which one I picked?

It was Option 5.

option 5

And here’s how the actual door turned out.

Front Door Painted 1

Front door painted

It makes such a difference to the front of the house. I couldn’t be more pleased. Even Todd was impressed.

And that is another thing off the to-do list.


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