The Garden 2014


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the garden 2014

This summer I really tried to get the garden in some kind of order. And by order I mean buying stuff and planting it in hopes it will grow. A seasoned gardener I am not. I am learning as I go which I feel is a good approach. If I waited until I felt I knew what I was doing then I would not start at all. So buying and planting and moving and planting is what I do.

green and red leaf flower

I thought I would show you some of the progress in the yard since moving here four summers ago.

When we first moved here there were three places for flowers and scrubs. One was in decent shape with a flagstone wall on one side, the other two were a mess with over grown shrubs and flowers. As of this year there are six areas for flowers and shrubs. And there will be at least double that when I get going on the plans I have in my head.

All my plants are perennials. I do however by annuals for my hanging baskets. I figured if I am spending money on plants I want to see them again. However in the future when things are more planned out there will be spaces for annuals to fill in gaps.

flower collage

So let’s get to the garden.

On the right side of the front of the house there are two places dedicated for gardening. The first is running along the front of the house and the second is running along the property boundary.

Area 1

The one running along the front got a bit work done this summer. First we tore everything out. Last year I tried trimming but it was not working out so I decided to haul it all out and start over. There were seven shrubs in various stages of mess. We hauled it all up and threw it in our discard pile. Which is where we throw everything like rocks, mud, sod, trees, branches, grass stuff like that.


front right side of house

Once the shrubs were all gone I raked, getting rid of rocks. Do rocks grow because I’m sure I did a rock removing session in this area last year. When it was semi free of rocks I brought in topsoil. It sat like that for a month. Soil and nothing. Why? Because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with the area in front of the garden. Once I figured that out I planted. We are going to put in a flagstone walkway along here to the side door. (which is pink!). Figuring the width of the walk way and laying some initial flagstones we were free to plant.

One day while working in the yard some white caught my eye. Yes one of the discarded crappy bushes seem to be flourishing in the discard pile. Actually not one but three. So of course I hauled three shrubs back out and now had to figure out where to plant them. One went back to the area where it was ripped from a month earlier. It flowered but sorry no picture.

Some Progress

area 1

It’s certainly not perfect and it’s not finished but it’s a start. I already know things got to move from this area as I have them to close to the house. Also the flagstone path needs to be laid.

Area 2

The other garden is what I am calling my Hosta/Shade garden. It hugs the property line and is beneath some trees. One side has a little brook and the other side points to the side of the house with a birch tree in the middle.

Right now I have four different kinds of Hostas. I only know the name of one which is my latest hostas buy. Its called Stained Glass. There’s a pink bleeding heart here which is also new. These are on one side of the tree. On the other side I planted some ground cover and replanted a flower that exploded in another garden. I split it up four times which I spaced apart hoping its will fill in the space.

Also in this garden I have some folk art and Newfoundland stuff. I have my funky fish that I got in an antique store in Corner Brook. The little wagon I got dumpster diving. I drilled a few holes in it filled it with soil and planted these beautiful white flowers. I think it adds to the space. Todd thinks I’m nuts. And yes there is also a lobster pot and fishing gear to add some filler. I think its cute.

white flowers

hosta garden 1

Area 3

This is the best and most mature garden. It sits in front of the house on the left side. I like this garden because you can walk around it. There’s a flagstone wall and walkway between it and the house.

front garden

small pink flowersblue flower

peonypink lily

Over the last few years I have added to this garden. And this year we added a water fountain that we got from my parents downsizing. After seeing exactly what grows here I know I have to move a few flowers, plus next year I will have to divide up some plants. Along with the fountain there is a big rock which came from the yard and I have a few pieces of drift wood to add some texture.

front garden 1

Area 4

This garden is shaped like an “L”. It runs down the side of the house and across the deck’s lattice. This is a new garden space. This area seems not to like grass so we dug up the moss and sod and laid in topsoil then planted a bunch of things. Thinking that things were pretty iffy to grow. But I was pleasantly surprised.

For this year I mostly planted shrubs. I am trying to build up the area with tall things. Next years I will be making the “L” wider and framing it out in wood. In the corner is a Smoke Bush but I think I got it to close to the house so that may have to move next year. Along the lattice I added Astilbes in white and red. Eventually once the plastic lattice gets installed I want something that climbs behind these plants and something small in front. It’s a start.

L garden

smoke bush


berry shrub

Area 5

This garden is toward the other boundary line by the stream. Todd made it last year after we hauled out the Hydrangea that didn’t flower. I gave it two years but when nothing happen last summer it was outta here. Maybe if I had put it in the discard pile it would have made a comeback but we burned it.

I did plant some things there but they didn’t take so Adam and I picked out a new scrub this year and I added two more flowers one is a ground cover. I think this garden will look great once we have the stream done and things fill in.

circle garden

circular flower bed

Area 6

This garden is down by the new wharf and deck and I’m not sure if its even going to stay. But this year I added a shrub after I tore out the peppermint that seemed to have taken over. I did try last year to get some flowers to grow here but they never took. Hopefully the scrub has better results.

area 6

So that’s my garden for the summer of 2014.

Have a great weekend.



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This summer Todd and I had a list of all the things we needed to get done around here. We have been slowly picking at that list between company and the great weather we are having.

One of the projects was to stain our monster deck. Well, it’s finally done. I know it’s almost the middle of August and this project should have been done in June but better late than never.

The first summer we were here we just took out spindles which opened it up to the views. We didn’t paint or stain it so it stayed the original brown. Not great but it was clean-looking.



The second summer I decided to change the colour. Gone was the light brown and out came the white and dark brown. It now matched the house and beams.

restained deck before and after

Then last summer there was just a few touch ups before the wedding and all was good.

This summer it was a gross mess. Living with lots of trees around turned our nice white into grimy, green things. Using a shovel with a metal edge while clearing the snow off last winter left the bottom haggard.

4 cleaning deck

2 cleaning deck

So earlier this summer I got out the deck clearer and spend an evening cleaning and pressure washing. great results but then i lost my mojo and it sat for a month. Finally thinking summer was going to be over before I could enjoy a nice deck I decided to finish the job.

white and brown deck IMG_6200

It’s now all clean and pretty. The white is the same but the brown is lighter. I bought some stain restorer and decided to go with a colour that matched the chairs of the patio set. The colour is autumn fall. I like it.

Now onto another project.




My Summer Wreath.


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One of the cool things about my door wreath is that it’s so easy to change. I use a base then add to that. Last summer the wreath was very colourful. This summer I went a bit more conservative with pale green and white with a few leaves and sprigs.

summer wreath

The wreath is from Winners, it was a gift from a friend. The pale green and white flowers I got from Dollarama. And the bird house was a ornament I got at a craft show last year.

With glue gun in hand I made this in no time.

I just love cheap and easy crafts that look nice.


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putting down the boardsHi

Wow the weather is great here. I hope its nice where you are and you are enjoying your summer. Last week we started our major summer project. Our deck and wharf.

We had not planned on building this deck. The wharf yes but not the deck. We liked the idea of a sandy beach with a wharf but because of land erosion and our web-footed Molly we had to rethink and because we didn’t want a rock beach building a deck covering the area seemed like the way to go.

You can see how the muddy the beach is. When we bought this place the land went out at least another foot and in some places two.

muddy beach

We changed our minds a couple of times with things like where the dock section will go? Do we want steps? How far will the deck  hang into the water? How long will the wharf be? And where to put the slipway. I think we finally made up our minds.

frame in the water

I know most people would probably have those things figured out but the only things we had figured out was the size, which of course, we changed. It will now be 26 and a half feet wide by twelve feet extending into the water. So from the flagstone wall right to the birch tree.


The slipway will be next to the flagstone wall and the wharf at the other end with steps in between. The wharf part will be floating so we can remove it in the fall. We decided to do this instead of a fixed dock based on the other wharfs on the pond which all seem to be twisted.

concrete posts

To address the erosion issue we built up the waterline with rocks. I bet we moved a thousand rocks this week. But it was necessary. Also the side of the deck facing the water will have a wooden side. With both of these things done we feel good the land issue will be ok.



So hopefully the deck will be finished soon. Then we/Todd can work on the wharf part. I got to say Todd has done the majority work with me helping where I can. I try my best but the back won’t agree with what my mind says it wants to so.

putting down the boards

So that’s the update on the deck and wharf. Lets hope the weather holds up along with our backs.



Some weekend fun.


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bves running


We had a very fun weekend. The weather was great for the last few days and we took advantage of it. My son and grandson, my father, brother, Todd and I had a blast. Lots of great food on the bbq, lots of sun, chasing around a fast little man, water sports, catching up and a quick view of an iceberg in the windy capital.

On Friday my dad and I spent a bit of time together. Just the two of us. With no plans but to catch up we went for a drive and ended up on Signal Hill. It was so windy! The wind was warm so it wasn’t two bad. Skinny people were holding tight. I don’t have that problem so I was fine and managed to take a few shots of our surroundings. But boy did she blow.

Here’s the view of St. John’s from Signal Hill. Signal Hill is about a twenty-minute drive from my place. I love that we live in a country setting and within minutes we are in the city. It’s the best of both worlds.

st. johns

Every lunch hour the tattoo fire their guns. Its a great show.


Looking toward Cape Spear we spotted three icebergs. They weren’t huge but they were still impressive. These three are grounded and have been there melting for a while. You can get a sense of its size when you see the lighthouse in the bottom left corner.


The weather on Saturday was awesome. Not to hot, not to cold, just right. Our grandson had a blast swimming, blowing bubbles, running around finding dirty spots to jump then lie in. He finished up his day with a bowl of Cheesies. He wasn’t fussy about sharing those.

eating cheesies

We got a few runs in on the jet ski which is always fun. It’ll be even better when the deck and dock are build. The wood and floats are here and the building will start this week. I am so excited not to have mud everywhere.

jet ski


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