our DIY windowless bathroom completed.


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DIY windowless bathroomHi

Our main bathroom is finally finished. Well, it’s been finished for a while. It was mostly completed the week before the wedding, I just suck at follow through. Now I’m calling it sucka done until I can find the few things that it needs, like some art work. And if I waited until I actually found something I liked in the right size I might never post. It’s been so long since we started this that you might want to read the before and during. I even had to back read what I wrote. I know I suck.

I guess you could call the whole room modern country if you had to put a label on it.

bathroom makeover

So here’s the bathroom when we moved into the house.

when we moved in.

when we moved in.

See all that red! Oh how hard it was to paint over. And that eighties blue tile over the tub along with the blue vanity with beyond cleanable white laminate counter top. The builder grade mirror and cheap light made this bathroom sad and in need of a bit of love. But on a strict budget of course.

So we decided to tackle it ourselves. We kept the tub, toilet, and flooring. We sorta kept the vanity. We kept the base part.

bathroom renovation 1

So we picked colours, we primed, primed and primed some more and then we painted. We planned then unplanned.

bathroom renovation 2

We removed lights, tiles and doors, we plastered. We installed a new faucet and a marble counter top.

bowed wall

Now for the pretty stuff.

fake wainscotting

I painted the upper walls and ceiling Chelsea Grey by Benjamin Moore in eggshell. The lower three-quarters were primed and painted Simply White in semi-gloss also from Benjamin Moore. I went with semi-gloss for its sheen and being easy to clean. We live in the country and hands tend to get dirty and I was set on white so it was really the best option for us.

I am really loving the fake wainscoting we did. It was not what I had in mind when we started this project but it was the solution we came up with when we found out our walls had some significant bows. The wainscoting is made with strips of wood Todd cut down. Once nailed into place we filled the holes with wood filler and primed and painted.

The vanity was a bit of a hiccup. It’s 47 inches and custom made. We spent a full day shopping for a new one. Too long, too short…to bad. We really didn’t want to spent a lot of money so with that in mind we looked at vanities under a thousand. I was disappointed with the selection. At one point I said “frig it”, let’s just get this one. As we got to the check out my mind was saying “you don’t really like it why are you buying it, you won’t be happy”. So despite Todd’s eye rolling I said forget it. Yeah, that went over well. We went home and I made a few calls to see what other options we had.

marble counter top

We found a place that could cut marble so we went back to Kent a purchased a marble top and had it customer cut to fit out odd size vanity. We then cleaned the blue vanity with TSP and gave it a light sanding then painted it Simply White. The hardware was reused.

chrome faucet

The faucet we also got at Kent, I really like the squareness of it. The round mirror we got at Home Depot.

mirror 2

I found this awesome ceiling light at Canadian Tire. It was 40% off so I was pumped. It gives the room a bit of glam. The ceiling, ceiling fan, and air exchanger cover got painted Chelsea grey. Because the room had no window I thought I’d do something a bit different. I really thinks it works.

ceiling light

We added a new light fixture over the vanity. When looking for one I wanted a fixture where the lights go up so you don’t see the bulbs. I hate seeing bulbs. So you can imagine my surprise when I came home and Todd had the light fixture up but it was the wrong way. Why don’t men follow instructions. Or for that matter, why not look at the picture on the box or listen when you tell them before hand that the lights go up. Anyone??? We turned it around in October. I like how it’s square like the faucet.

vanity light

Adding accessories was fun because I got to do a bit of shopping and I got some from Glenda as a wedding shower gift. I think it’s awesome when a friend knows you well enough to pick things that you love.

These two candles were found at the local fabric shop, Fabricville.


This beautiful bowl was from Glenda. I added orange soaps from Shoppers Drug Mart.

dish with soap

The lamp is from my mom’s house. I scored a lot of stuff and this is one of my favourites. I love the crystal and it just the right height. This is actually the third lamp I had here. The first was two small. The second was to big. But this one is just right. The soap dispenser, also from Glenda works perfect.


I decided not to put any towel rails in this bathroom. But you need towels so I found this back of door hooky thing at Winners.

back doorRight beside the tub I decided to put a single hook for a towel. It’s easy to reach and looks much neater than having a rail with towels.

hanging towelJust below I placed a basket I picked up at Winners. I am loving the orange interior. Beautiful fluffy hand towels were from Glenda. I am guessing they are also from Winners.

basket of towels

I would like to add something here but I have not found anything yet that works.

bare wall

We added a rounded shower rod to the tub surround to get some light in there. This was purchased at Kent same with the white show curtain.shower curtain rod

So there it is. All finished.

Painted vanity

back door collage

bathroom ass


mirror collageWe cursed the day we started this project. But now, well now, I love it. It was worth the swear words even if they weren’t lady like. Now what am I going to do next? The do list is so long.




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