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Before last year I never knew what a blog was. Yes, I am that behind. So when a friend suggested I start blog because of all the books I read he piqued my interest.

Yes, I read a lot of books but to write a blog about books kinda freaked me out as I am so not a writer and besides saying “I recommend it” or “I don’t recommend it” does not make a good blog. But I did some research and after reading lots I decided to join the millions of blogs in blogland.

When I started I thought it would be about my life here in the country, about me and my happenings, my rug hooking, my photography with a great big heaping of Newfoundland and other odds ands ends.

But the blog has been erratic and sporadic, something I am going to change. And seeing how this is the beginning of the year I thought I really need to plan. So if you are reading or have read my blog I would like your opinions. Is there anything you like to see? Am I doing anything right? what do you like? what don’t you like? what would you like to see? How many posts would you be interested in reading? What subjects would you like to read about? Do you find it easy to get around the site? Is the site confusing? How about the design? I would love some input and look forward to your suggestions.




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