My Spring Wreath.


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Over the last few days it has poured. And for once I am not complaining as it is getting rid of the snow. I can’t wait for it to be all gone. We still have a bit to go and the ice is still on the pond but signs are there that it wont be for much longer. It’s quite ugly outside our house. Which is why I needed something to show that it is spring at least according to the calendar.

Last week I showed you my spring wooden tool box that I use on our table. It was a cute, easy and cheap project. Today I got another. Its my Spring wreath using my driftwood wreath as a base. You can see the other ones I’ve done herehere and here using the same base.

I like a wreath on my front door, like most people. I like one for different seasons, like most people. What I don’t like is having wreaths all over the place and using them over and over. Using the driftwood wreath as a base solves this for me. I got mine from HomeSense in the states known as HomeGoods. If you are looking for one there are lots on Etsy and amazon.


base wreath

So here’s what I did for this Springs wreath. Again I used fake flowers and greenery.

fake flowers

Taking apart the flowers from the stems I played around with the layout of the flowers. Once I got something I liked I just used my hot glue gun and started attaching them to the base and to each other adding layers. Super easy. Total time for this was about thirty minutes from start to finish.

spring wreath

My previous wreaths had lots of colour, this year i went with white and pale green. I am going through a white period right now. All my walls got painted white last fall. I think I’d have everything white if I had the money and the ability to keep it clean but I don’t. We live in the country with two dogs and Todd likes to get his hands dirty. So the best I can do is a white flower wreath for my door and spray nine for the walls.

spring wreath 2


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