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Oh I’m in the spirit now. And how did I do it? I watched some Christmas movies. Some great, some good, and some so so, but each one has lifted me up to that Christmas high…ho ho ho.

It’s to early to watch all my favourites; I usually do that during the week between Christmas and New years. Here’s a list of my favourites.


Home Alone. I think I have watched this every year since it came out and I know when A was growing up we watched it more than once a season. A great funny Christmas Movie.


It’s a Wonderful Life. A wonderful movie filled with that wholesome goodness. Definitely on my watch every year list.


Love Actually. OMG this one is good. I cry, I laugh and I watch it every year. I even own the sound track…it’s awesome.


A Christmas Story. Christmas would not be complete with out this classic. Seriously if you don’t know about this one I don’t know you. This has to be one of the best. The dog scene alone cracks me up and of course when the father gets that leg lamp…which you can buy by the way and I would love one  if you are asking. Yes great movie. Christmas is not the same without it.


Bad Santa. First I looove anything with Billy Bob Thornton so I would watch this anyway. But this movie is so so funny. Not for the youngsters though. Purely for adults. Good funny movie.


A Christmas Carol. Now who does not watch this. I prefer the original black and white version. But will watch any adaptation of the film. Christmas would not be the same without Scrooge.


Little Women. I know it’s not a Christmas movie but I watch it every Christmas. Not sure why. Maybe it came on at Christmas time when I was younger.


The Bells of St. Mary’s. This an oldie but such a goody. A priest and a nun and a run down school. All good. Watch it.


Bridget Jones Diary. While not technically a Christmas movie I still watch it at this time of the year.

This year I am going to try to fit in a few more. What’s your favourites?


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