Moving the parents-day four


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Woke up this morning late. I slept til ten thirty. It was nice. I felt good and rested. We had a great breakfast. And made a plan for the day. With the new place unpacked and boxes removed we could see what needed to be changed. One thing that wasn’t working was the way the furniture was placed in one of the rooms. We had to totally move around to bedroom. It was tight but we did it. Only a few bruises. Then we changed the layout of the living room. It works much better now and mom can place her new rug which was delivered that morning. With things now in place we got out all the pictures and figured out where they should go. Then hooked up the washer and dryer. Now the new home is ready to live in.

Here’s some pictures of the new place. I love it. It’s about 1200 sq. ft… lots of room for two. The living, dining room and kitchen are all open which mom wasn’t fussy on at first but now likes it. I do too. It has two big bedrooms, one with a walk in closet. One big bathroom. A small balcony. It has a awesome entrance with some architual details which you dont see often and there is one rounded wall. Their utility room holds the washer and dyer, deep freeze, water tank, shelves and air exchanger. There is a storage locker in the basement for their winter tires, christmas stuff and such.

their apartment entrance

their apartment entrance

open concept living

open concept living

IMG_4930IMG_4936feature wall

Nice isn’t it?


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