Men and the wood gene.


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Dark stained Wood background texture


Omg! What is it with men and painted wood? I swear if I hear Todd once more say how I am ruining wood by painting it I will scream. Really, is there some man gene they all have that prevents them from painting wood. And honey oak stain is gross. Yes Todd! IT IS GROSS. and no, I will never use honey oak stain on anything. EEEEVVVEEER.

“We want to see the grain”, he says.

“Craziness”, I say. Bright, clean and cherry is the way to go.

This is one area where we totally disagree and I mean we disagree. “Wood should never be painted”. “It’s just not right”. You are kidding me, right?

It all started while living in our house in Mt. Pearl. I decided to paint our dated cabinets white. They were the eighties golden oak kind, yeah know what I’m talking about. I researched online and found I could do the project on my own so I did. You can see the before and after shots here. Go, I’ll wait. It does look way better right? Now he would never agree and I know I’m right. I’m right damn it!

Then when we were house hunting he wanted a log home. In Todd’s ideal world we would live in a log home with an all wood interior. It would look like a dungeon. Wood everything!  And logs no less. He’s even talking about putting log siding on this place. Thank god we are so broke that it will be forever before we have the free money to do something like that. See being in debt is sometimes good.

So when I decided to re-stain the deck I wanted white rails to match the house. Did we agree? Heavens no. But because he hates the paint brush I knew I would win. I looked at some stains and made the final decision. White rails (solid stain) with dark brown (semi solid) for the stairs and floor.  See I am flexible I am using STAIN not paint. And it’s almost finished I swear.

Now let me just say it is not happening easily with his endless comments and eye rolling, how many times did he say, “I don’t know about that”or “why not honey oak” and how many times did I say “it’s solid stain not paint!” and “just wait until it’s finished before you make up your mind”. So now I just block him out and continue to stain.

Geeze you think after being together this long he’d stop. Nope he still tries his hardest to convince me. Sorry Todd I just don’t have the wood gene.

How do you feel about painting/staining wood?


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