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(not sure what happened to the last post but here it is again with the pictures)

I know I wrote about some things we got when my parents downsized. But I left out the best thing.

Meet Charlie, our third and final fur baby.

Charlie looks like a Westie but he’s a Carin Terrier. I never heard of this type of dog until mom got him. I now know he’s the same breed as Toto from the Wizard of Oz.


He’s a firecracker and he’s fast. Like a bullet fast. He has escaped more than once before we got new tags for him. Lucky he’ll jump into the car when you say “who wants to go for a ride”.

His fur is wired and a beautiful blonde colour. I just love the way the fur is wispy around his ears.

He’s adjusting really well despite Molly’s reaction to him coming near the front door on that first day. For the most part he’s a pleasure except for the fact he likes pooping and peeing anywhere he feels like it. We are working on it and it is getting better. But the carpet here got to go. The humping he was doing is almost over. Bud’s face is happy for that. In the dog hierarchy Charlie has learnt his place. Molly is the queen.

Charlie 2

He is playful and plays with Molly all the time and he’s forever checking on Bud. He makes sure to wait for him when he’s going down the stairs. He keeps him groomed by cleaning his face. It’s heartwarming to watch. Charlie has found a spot on the back of the couch where he likes to sleep during the day. At night he’s in the bed with Molly, Bud, Todd and I. It’s starting to get crowded in there. Real crowded…Todd may have to move to the guest room.




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