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We are still moving along with the bathroom. Here’s where we are today.

We ran into a bit of a problem when adding the wood to the walls. I wanted a little shelf running on top of the stripping to lay pictures instead of hanging them but when we went to add it we realized there was a huge bow in the wall. So much of a bow that to get the look we wanted we would have had to tear out the sheet board and reinstall new. So seeing how that was not going to happen we changed the plan. We said goodbye to the shelf and opted for a thin strip running along the top. It still works and was a good compromise.

uneven wall

uneven wall

Once that was figured out Todd placed in all the strips and sanded them. I then primed and started painting with Benjamin Moore’s “Simply White” in a semi-gloss.

sanding wood

sanding wood


See how there is a bow in the wall. You can not see it when looking straight on.

The ceiling and upper walls got cut in with “Chelsea Grey” in eggshell, also from Benjamin Moore. I must say I was a bit nervous doing this as it looked so dark and this was the first time I had ever painted a ceiling other than with ceiling paint.



painted ceiling

painted ceiling

I removed the fan and air exchanger covers, cleaned them and roughed them with a fine sand paper. Then I sprayed them with a primer. Once dried I gave them two coats of Chelsea Grey. One might have done the trick but I missed a few spots. I also painted the base of the light in the ceiling. This will be replaced in the future but for now it’s good enough.

spray primer rust-oleum

spray primer rust-oleum

painted fan and air exchanger

painted fan and air exchanger

Todd installed the granite top that we had cut down to fit the existing vanity base. The sink is now more centred. Then he added the new faucet. You have got to be around Todd when he is doing these types of things, it’s not for the faint of heart I tell you. Most times I just let him be and when he’s finished I go in a do my part. Not sure how all other DIY couples do it but this works for us.

granite vanity top

installed granite vanity top

For the base of the vanity I was unsure whether I would paint it Chelsea Grey or Simply White. I decided to go with Simply White because once the ceiling and upper walls got their first coat I felt painting it grey might be to dark for this small windowless room.

I next took the three vanity doors and gave them a wash with TSP and once dried I lightly sanded them. I set out two work horses and put a few bottles under the doors and then I sprayed them with the primer. I let this dry overnight and added the first coat of “Simply White”to one side. They will need at least three coats, doing one side at a time. This takes the most time as you want to make sure the paint is cured before turning the doors and painting the other side.




While waiting for those to dry I painted the walls and vanity. So far I have painted three coats on the walls. I think that should do it.

So folks that’s where we are.

Here’s what’s left to do.

Install the light fixture.

Install hardware on the doors and then hang once they are dry.

Put back the painted ceiling fan, exchange cover and light.

Install the curved curtain rod.

Buy a mirror, hooks, shower curtain, towels, pictures etc.

Yup, time is quickly closing in. We get married next Saturday and company starts arriving this Sunday.

I will probably wait until after the wedding to share the finished look as I expect our house to be in slings until the day of the wedding. And speaking of the wedding we are up to our eye balls in DIY projects that I can’t wait to share with you all.




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