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You must have thought we forgot the main bathroom. We kinda did for a while but things are still moving along, abet slowly. And like most DIY projects it’s taking some twists and turns. Right now I am just hoping it will be finished before the wedding.

I wanted gold/brass fixtures. Did you know you can not find them anywhere? Trust me I looked. Now, I’m sure I could order them online somewhere but we just don’t have the time, our wedding is in a few weeks and the bathroom gotta be done. So I decided to go with chrome. I picked out a lovely faucet and light fixture, easy enough but I already had the brass antique chandler, not a problem I thought, I’ll paint it white. I swear I had all the light bulbs out and those glass do-flickies off and the spray paint in hand when Todd decides to tell me it’s “no good”. Now I know I told him this was where I wanted to put this light for like ever but somehow when he saw me actually going to spray it he decides to speak. So for now I will spray the boob light taking it from brass to grey. When time and money allows I’ll buy a new fixture.

Another change was the counter. I wanted a cheap and easy fix and thought a wooden one would work well. But Todd said he did not have time to do this so we decided to go with a pre-cut granite. Being pre-cut meant that it would not fit our vanity base which is 45 inches so we took it to a granite store and had it cut to size. Perfect. Yes, it was a bit more expensive but it was a cheaper option than a whole new vanity. It did come with an under mounted sink so I lost the vessel.

granite counter top

granite counter top with under mounted sink

The vanity has been primed and I am still debating whether I will paint it “simply white” or “Chelsea grey”. Thoughts?

Before installing the sink Todd had to move the plumbing over because the sink is more in the centre. You can see from the picture that there are three door holes and the sink was centred over the two doors on the right. Hoping this will not look weird when finished.

vanity base

vanity base

So there you have it. Today we are working on getting the fake wainscoting up, sanded and primed and painting the fan and air exchange grey.

selecting wood for wainscotting

selecting wood for wainscoting

Stay tuned as I am sure something else will change.




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