Lesley’s healthy life update – under 200 pounds.


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Hi and happy Friday.

This morning I jumped on the scale then off, then on, then off and on again. Just to make sure I read it right. I was down three pounds! Holy crap that means I weigh 197. So dear friends I am under the big two hundred number. It has been a lllloooonnnnggg time since I been there. My total weight loss to date is twenty-three pounds.


20 pounds of fat

20 pounds of fat


That’s real body fat. I know this because I have seen some at a photo shoot I did at a medical centre years ago. Fat is like the colour of post-it notes, very weird colour for the inside of your body.

Here’s a bit of what I am noticing and what I am doing on my journey to get more healthy.

I am now noticing a difference in my clothing; nothing is falling off but things are looser, more comfortable and fits better. Like the waist of my jeans do not dig into my gut. Neither is wearing my bra bothering me. I hate being able to feel my bra because it’s tight. So while I do not have to buy a new wardrobe because I lost weight I am super excited to feel and look better in my clothing.

When I look into the mirror I can notice a bit of a change in my face. It’s not as puffy. I still have two chins but they look smaller. my hands look slimmer and when I stand in underwear I can see a small indent in my waist. I said before I was built like a chicken so seeing a sort of waist is huge in my book.

I am still eating as clean as possible. I have my kale salad from Costco everyday. I am eating a banana and a greek yogurt for my breakfast. My caloric intake is still between 1250-1500 but there has been days when I have gone way over. While I am sure I would be  losing weight faster if I kept the calorie count constant but for me if I feel I need to have a treat I do it otherwise I feel cranky and pissed off and I know I’ll give up. So while I do have a chocolate treat each day some days I have more and that’s ok. Like I said before this is not a race to the finish I’m trying to relearn how to eat and be more healthy.

I still am using the divide in half rule. One instead of two.

I know my stomach has gotten smaller because I am not starving like I was the first few weeks. I read each label of each item I put into my mouth. This is really important when working with a low-calorie count. For example this week while shopping at Costco I picked up two prepared salads; one couscous and one quinoa both looked awesome. Upon looking at the label of each I picked the one with fewer calories because that seventy calorie difference made the difference between having my chocolate treat later that day. And these things are very important when trying to stay on track. So read each label it helps.

I told you I was using the “my fitness pal” app but I am noticing I am slipping with using it everyday. I need to get back at that because it works. I think maybe it’s because I know the numbers off by heart. But I will be making more of an effort to use this again.

I got my picture taken with two friends and did not feel weird. I have avoided the camera for years.

I have still not been walking and that’s because my feet and back are bothering me still but I am on a new drug so I am feeling a bit better.

So there you have it. I am off to run so errands and meet a friend for lunch.

Have a great weekend and if you have any tips please leave a comment. I’d love to know what works for you.



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