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Hi and Happy Friday

Finally I can get the house back in order and clean up the massive amount of dog hair that I’ve neglected to vacuum and sweep while we were painting. Laundry is now under control and all the dishes are put away. The beds are clean along with toilets and countertops. Things are returning to normal around here. Well as “normal” as we get.

chair leather chair

Oh, the paint. It’s awesome! I’m so in love with it. It looks so clean. And it’ll look even better once we put things on the walls. But for today lets just look at the white shall we.

Ignore the lights they will be changed once I figure out what I want. I’m leaning toward black and simple.

hall big
The white we used is called simply white by Benjamin Moore. The ceiling was done in flat, walls pearl and trim semigloss. Super nice.

down stairs
If you think we are crazy to paint everything white just hear me out. We decided on white for a few reasons;

1) I really want to have bright and colourful artwork and pictures on the walls,

2) we wanted the views of the pond to be the focal point upstairs,

3) we wanted the wood to stand out.

You see, Todd thinks I want to paint everything but that’s not really true I love the wood we have especially the beams.


Along with the great room we have two hallways one is wide with high ceilings and the other is just dark. Both will have gallery walls. I have been collecting things for years and I want to see it all. The house has limited wall space upstairs so to have lots of our pictures and art creating gallery walls is the way to go. I also want to do a huge hooked rug for the spot behind the light in the picture below.

down stairs

hall left


hall small

And speaking of lighting look at the space ship lights in the kitchen. With everything now painted white they don’t look so bad. I mean I really hated those but now I’m fine with them for now. So I’m putting that project on hold. It’ll be better to get the other lighting done first.

kitchen lighting


If there is one thing I am unhappy with it is the fireplace wall. We painted it white as the rest of the walls but the fireplace wall needs work. Either we are going to add faux stone or aged wood or we are adding shelving. Either way it will be changed at some point. For now it’s fine.


Next on the “to do” list is getting things framed and creating those gallery walls.

Have a great weekend.


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