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This weekend in Canada it’s Thanksgiving. It’s our time to be thankful. A time to pause to appreciate what you have in this life of ours. A time to stop and think what has been given to you freely. Yes, we should be thankful. But shouldn’t we give thanks each and everyday.

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Each day while brushing my teeth instead of thinking about the day ahead and what I have to accomplish I give thanks. I quite my mind and close my eyes. you can give a lot of thanks in the three minutes that it takes to clean those pearly whites. some days I am thankful for the big things in my life, some days the little things. But each one is something I am thankful for.

Here is a list of some of the things that I’m grateful for. As you read my list, think of many things you are grateful for. Why not add to my list in the comments, I would love to read them.

1. my son – who has made me work harder

2. my mother – who has given me my strength

3. my partner – who makes my world a wonderful place

4. my friends – some old, some new, they are my buddies in life

5. parents and step parents – who have taught me much

6. siblings – full, half and step…there’s quite…lol

7. my sense of touch, hearing, smell, sight and taste – they make my world come alive

8. my home – a place of comfort

9. my dogs – they make me smile

10. artists – for letting me see the world through their eyes

11. free speech – can you imagine a place where you could not say what you wanted

12. safe country – others are not so lucky

13. my body – even the parts that are not one hundred percent

14. books – they are my source of entertainment

15. computers – oh how they have changed the world

16. phone – being able to talk near and far

17 my car – for getting me where I have to go

18. nature – for all its wonder and beauty

19. Health Insurance –  without it I would have lost it all

20. My camera – it’s captures how i see the world

21. My hobbies – they keep me busy

22. my blog – being able to have an outlet to share with you

23. internet – what a great place

24. my church – where I meet people who are not perfect… like me

25. Music – for lifting me up

26. the little things that make your life easier – like paperclips and toilet paper

27. my brain – being able to use it

28. generous people – for helping others

29. my creative self – without this outlet i would be sad

30. libraries – free books for everyone

31. museums – showing us the past

32. sleep – to help our bodies recover

33. clean drinking water – lots don’t have it, even in this province

34. education – just being able to get it

35. having enough food

36. having enough money – i don’t mean lots just having enough

37. electricity

39. spell check – boy am I thankful

40. power tools, lawnmowers and snowblowers – and the fact that Todd can use them

41. coffee – how would I start the day with out it

42. diet Pepsi – liquid gold

43. chocolate – any thing chocolate

44. microwaves, bbq, toasters, slowcooker – you get the idea

45. opportunity – just for having them

46. The right to vote – yes, we all should be doing it

47. our military – past, present and future

48. love – for this I am most thankful

49. Forgiveness – I have been forgiven lots

50. God – for god I am the most thankful. for giving me grace.

And turkey, did I mention turkey yet? – Happy ThanksGiving everyone


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PS the graphic done for this post was created with the software “my memories”. stay tuned this week for more about it.




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