I love snow


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snow on branches


Don’t you just love snow. I love snow. I love the look of snow. I love watching snow. I love the smell of snow. I love how it crackles under your feet when it is very cold snow. How it sits on the branches snow. I love snow.

Now don’t get all crazy on me and tell me you hate it. How can you possibly hate it. It’s beautiful. It’s peaceful falling from the sky. It makes you all comfy when there is a storm. And besides it covers up dirt.

About two weeks ago we had a water, well, pump disaster. resulting in a huge mess, damage and a lot of dirt. It’s enough to make you cry. Especially when you know what you need to do just to get the landscaping back to its earlier self.

So yesterday we finally got snow, lots of it, and it was amazing. All my dirt had magically disappeared. My yard looks like a play land, its beautiful. No problems here. It’s just like sweeping stuff under the rug. It was just like magic.

So as I sat there with coffee in hand  I saw all my problems cover up and vanish leaving me with nothing to worry about. Really just how great is that. And that’s the best reason to love snow.

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