How to “cut in” when you have stucco ceilings.


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how to cut in stucco ceilings


“Cutting in” takes practice, lots and lots of practice. Not a lot of people like it or can do it well and especially if you have stucco ceilings.

Here’s a trick that I do for cutting in walls when you have stucco ceilings; I never go to the join of the wall and the ceiling. What’s that? Yes I cheat.

If you are painting the ceiling then it really easy. Here’s how I do it.

First I “cut in” the stucco ceiling and wall with the ceiling paint. You don’t have to be neat for this step. I make sure that the ceiling paint gets into the join of the wall and ceiling. Then I roll the ceiling with a roller made especially for stucco.

Ceiling paint is very quick to dry so by the time you roll the ceiling all that the “cutting in” you did will be dry and you are ready to cut in your walls.

Next using a good quality angle brush (I use a 2 inch) I start in a corner and work my way left to right holding the brush by the base not the handle, this gives you more control and here’s the trick: I never go to the join where the ceiling meets the wall instead I come down the wall less than a quarter of an inch. I make a line of paint and create an illusion.

Take a look at the family room I did in our Mount Pearl house. If I had painted at the join the walls would look very uneven.

stucco and paint

corner view of stucco

straight line stucco ceiling

Because often with stucco your ceilings are very uneven at the joins even if you have the popcorn kind. So by creating a paintline just below the join you will create an even perfect “cut in”.  Anyway that’s how I do it? Do you Have any painting tips? let me know in the comments.



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