Getting in the Christmas mood.


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Bulb that A bought me when he was a young boy.

Bulb that A bought me when he was a boy.


Will it’s almost time for the big red guy to make his appearance. Are you ready? Are you in the mood? This year I was a little late getting there but once I did these few things I was there.

First up was the decorating. Go big or go small but once you put up some lights you get that warm cosy feeling. I am thinking of keeping some of our lights up for the winter.

Second. Bake something. For me its the cakes. Each year except for last year when I never had an oven I bake a cherry cake, gum drop cake and a banana bread. They are easy and fast and good and makes the house smell great. Just don’t burn them. Your house won’t smell so good.

Third. Wrapping those gifts. Gifts you bought. I find it’s not the same with gift cards. I am not one of those particular gifted wrapping people. I wish I was because I have received some gifts I did  not even want to open; they looked so good. But that’s not the point here. Grab your favourite beverage gather your gifts and wrap away.

Four. Watch a few Christmas movies. CBC has some on most nights.

Five. Put on a Christmas CD. My friend Brad made me on ten years ago and I still love it.

Six. Sit and relax with a cup of joe or something more stronger. Take a breather and enjoy your tree and decorations.

Seven. Go to a church service. There is nothing better than hearing “Oh Holy Night”. And celebrating the real message of Christmas.

And that my friends is some ways to get into the Christmas mood. Got any more to add to the list? Tell me.

Merry Christmas


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