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putting away christmas


Well it’s over for another year. As I look around the house I think “do I have the energy to put all this stuff back into their boxes and totes”. Seems like I just put it all up. And I know some of you do gooders out there have had your Christmas put away for days, good for you, I just don’t have the energy today. But away it has to go.

So I will drag all the boxes and totes out and pack it all up. I will wrap, dismantleĀ and store but there is one thing I am not doing and that is taking down the second tree I felt we needed to add to the house this year…what was I thinking? We added a new tree to the Man Cave but I swear I am not taking it down. I am putting a sheet over it and hauling it out of the room. Yup, a sheet. Does anyone else do that? I have a space all picked out for it. Todd thinks I’m nuts but he did not put up either of the trees or the three hundred ornaments. He reminds me he’s the out-door guy and I am all inside gal, fine with me because if I had to climb on the roof to put lights up…well I am climbing anywhere.

But I am sad to see all the pretty things go. I love the lights, stained glass, and decorations. I find it extremely bare when it is gone. Kinda lonely. But it has to. And maybe that’s a good thing. Put it all away and start with a clean slate for the new year. Getting things back to normal.

And in our case normal means hiring a backhoe to come and dig up the paved driveway to fix the waterline to the house that broke and is now bubbling up through the driveway. And that was right after we put a new pump in the well. Yes, that’s our normal and how we roll. Or I should say how I roll as Todd seems to be having a stroke. Not to worry I say as this is just an inconvenience not life threatening. Poor man.

Yes I know we are broke, yes I know we just had a septic tank issue, yes I know we just moved Adam in a house that needs a new roof, yes I know we just replaced the pump, I know, I know, I KNOW. But baby this is life and these things happen and after all as my mother says ‘we are making memories’. So yes Christmas is over and now we are getting back to normal… whatever normal is.

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