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IMG_0346 Hi

Many, many months ago we bought new furniture and I wanted to show you, well I forgot so today I’m showing you before the house gets torn up with some new projects we are doing.

The day before the wedding we had our new sofa set delivered. As if there wasn’t already enough going on. I was hoping it get here before the wedding and it did. We ordered it online and waited six weeks for it to arrive. I tracked that sucker from Vancouver to Newfoundland everyday.

Once we knew it was arriving I got rid of the eighteen year old couch. We put it on the side of the road but the only people who stopped took the nice wooden legs, not that I blame them, that thing seen better days I can assure you. It had holes in it. The zippers were broken off the cushions and the smell was less than pleasant. Trust me when I say that years of dogs laying on it and spraying it with fabreeze was not a good thing. Those two don’t mix. When we finally sold our house in Mt pearl and got some money in our hands the first thing I did was look for a couch. I looked around town but this set from Costco online was by far the best deal. Todd not believing me had to go around town again just to make sure. After three stores he gave up and we went home and ordered it. When will he learn to just go with what I say.

Anyway it’s nice. We got leather because I swore I was not having cloth anymore as long as we have fur babies. It’ll be so much easier to clean. Just wipe or vacuum off. Surprisingly the dogs aren’t on it often. Bud can’t jump up like he did with the other set. Molly will get on it if you are sitting on it otherwise she’s gets on her bed. Charlie probably uses it the most. He’s used to the leather cause that’s what mom had. He used to lay on the back and look outside and he does the same now. He’s only seven pounds.

leather sofa

We got three pieces sofa, love seat and chair. I was unsure how it would work in the space but it fits great. What we had before was just a sofa and chair. Not great for watching television, both Todd and I are loungers. We used to make a dash for the sofa to claim it. leaving the other to sit sideways in the chair, not the most comfortable thing. and the two of us couldn’t lay on the couch together, one we are two fat and two we don’t want to be that close to one another…lol. So with the addition of a third piece all is good for us lay abouts.

There was no choice when it came to colour so I am going to have to decorate around brown. I have some ideas so we’ll see.


Overall we are very pleased. The leather is breaking in which looks nice and it’s comfortable.

Once the wedding was over my mom and I went out shopping. If you are trying not to spend money then you shouldn’t do this. Before I knew what was happening I had bought a new table that seats six-eight, coffee and end tables, a hutch, a side table and a footstool. It sounds like a lot but every piece was half price and we really did need to replace what we had. Our table only seated four. Our coffee table was ordered with points twenty years ago from Zellers and the leg was broken. I had no end tables. So some new items were needed.

side view of couch

I was shocked at where I found this stuff. Mom and I just so happen to go into Wicker Emporium. Boy that store has changed since I was there last. And they have beautiful things. if you haven’t been there in a while check them out.

coffee table

The furniture is made of hard wood called acacia. It’s a nice rich colour and contrasts nicely with the floors and beams.



side table



See those placemats? Those were a wedding gift from our friends, Yvonne and Bob. Yvonne emailed me one day with some questions that I thought were a bit suspect but once I opened their gift I know what she had been up to. They match perfect!

So that’s the furniture. I’m guessing it will be here awhile seeing how the other stuff was so old.


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