Flying Bat display


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I was wanting a Halloween display to put on the hutch that divided the dining area from the living area in our great room. I wanted something that would allow us to be able to see the TV from the table. Yes, we watch the news during meals. So making the display see through was a must. Other considerations were cheap, easy, and still look good. I think I accomplished all with my Flying Bat display.

flying bat display with twig and river rocks, halloween decorations

I used a cream blanket behind so you can clearly see the display

Supplies were all found at Dollarama.

black river rocks in glass jar

1. Glass vase

2. Three packages of black/grey river rocks

close up plastic bats3. 6 Black rubber bats in various sizes (buy soft ones because you have to string them)

Note: I did try to spray paint some grey rubber bats and the paint did not adhere. So buy the colour you want to use. 

4. Cat gut

5. Darning needle

6. Tree branch from our yard

flying bat display

Putting it together was simple enough. Stick branch in vase add rocks. String bats and attached to branch. Time: half hour. Gotta like that.


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