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I’ve been having fun making stuff for Halloween this year. I admit I might have gone a bit crazy in my buying but the mood struck and our grandson is really excited about the whole idea of everything Halloween. I’d do anything to put a smile on that boys face.

So when he saw this wreath when he arrived last Friday it was worth it. He loved it plus he got to play with the extra skeletons I had left over.

halloween wreath with driftwood and skeleton


This was an easy halloween project. Besides the spray painting it took ten minutes. Now that’s a project I love. Supplies were easy and cheap. The twig wreath and black spray paint I picked up at Wal-Mart, skeletons were from Michael’s as a garland set, and the twig they are sitting on I found in the yard.

skeleton halloween wreath, twigs

I sprayed the wreath black, this took the longest as the surface is well twigs so I missed areas a few times. Eventually getting it all I attached my found stick with my trusty glue gun. I did try to find one that was as level as possible.

skeleton halloween wreath, twigs

Then I added three skeletons. Again attaching with the glue gun. I kinda twisted and turned them in various posses.

skeleton halloween wreath, twigs

It’s a cute project that took a few minutes. Perfect. I love it. Its simple, not over the top and kinda elegant in a creepy halloween way.

skeleton halloween wreath, twigs

Here it is on the door but I’ve since moved it as I got more into decorating the house. Yes there is way more to come. Stay tuned.

So are you doing any Halloween decorating this year? Or Fall decorating?


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