Creepy Spider Flowers


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Looking to put some Halloween decorations in the entrance that didn’t take up a lot of space I came up with these Creepy Spider Flowers for the ledge.

halloween flowers and spiders

Using items from the dollar store and a glue gun I had this done in minutes.

  1. Plastic rats – Dollarama
  2. White faux roses with silver glitter – Dollarama
  3. Plastic spiders – Dollarama
  4. Glitter spider web – Michaels
  5. Cast iron pot – Mine

halloween flowers and spiders

I played around with the placement on the ledge but never over thought it. Benjamin moves the rats and the few spiders so as long as the few things stays on the ledge I’m good.

halloween flowers and spiders

I’m really getting into the Halloween decor this year mostly because of our grandson but I got to say I am enjoying it. Check out the wreath and flying bats I did.

halloween flowers and spiders

Are you doing any crafts this time of year?




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