Creating a fire pit area – part 3


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We are making great progress on the fire pit area. We almost have the path completed. And the wall is finally the right height. Read part one and part two here and here.

We underestimated the amount of soil needed so we need to order more before putting the fire pit in. I really hate paying for dirt when we had so much a few weeks ago. But in order to get this finished that is what we have to do. Dirt should be free, no?

I am enjoying working on this project with Todd. He is usually in charge of most things outdoors such as lawn care, trimming trees, bird feeders, etc. But this is a joint project. Sure there is a ton of “yes dears” and eye rolling but we are working well together. It’s hard trying to explain a vision when you both have two different opinions on how it should look but we are chugging along.

I am not sure when this beast of a project will be done. We are still undecided on a few things. The fire pit will be in the ground. we agree on this. it will be made of flagstone, we agree on this. what we don’t agree on is what going around the fire pit. wood? grass? flagstone?

Here’s some photos of our progress to date.


What projects are you working on?

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