Computers and Warranties (the death of my beloved)


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If you have followed along with me the last few months you’d know I have had many problems with my computer…my beloved Mac Book Pro.

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I got this little guy November of 09 and while the price was steep enough I purchased a three-year warranty…$299.00. That is a lot of mulla when the computer was $1700.00. But I wanted to make sure we were covered and buying health and life insurance on something that’s attached to my hip seemed like a good idea. It sure was because this guy has been sick.. The first eight months of its beautiful life went great. We played together nicely and found we loved each other. Oh the things we did and the things we learned. That baby rocked it out. Then he got sick. I was sad but thought, ‘oh this is just a little thing’. A trip to the doctor and we would be good to go and it was good for a long time.

Enter the fall of 2011 and things go down hill fast real fast. He started to spit and sputter, his little ticker was failing. A trip to the doctor at the beginning of October revealed a new hard drive was in order. we sent him away and he came back all transplanted and new. ah little guy I missed you. You were gone way to long. being on an island in the north atlantic means my beloved had to travel to Ontario to get healed. That’s about ten to fourteen days of lost time with him. But back he came with his new ticker and all was good in the world of Lesley, well, except for the fact that we had to spend days getting reaquainted adding all his bits and pieces, reinstalling all his parts and the things that make us both smile. But it went well and we got back into the swing of things in no time.

But soon after arriving back to me his eyes failed and he could not see me and I could not see him. oh the sadness. Back to the doctor and another trip to Ontario. and again with the reinstalling but I was ok as long as we were together again. again life was good. Good until Tuesday when he suddenly lost consciousness and did not respond to me no matter all the things i tried. This time we both knew it was bad. and bad it was. poor beloved was terminal it seems. I was sad and angry, why, why I cried to the kind man across the counter, don’t you know how I depend on this guy, how close we are. why is this happening to me. I need him. But it didn’t matter, all the pleading, bagging and crying was not going to bring him back. ‘He’s gone, I’m sorry’, said the kind man. I am sorry too.

Then I thought about the health and life insurance (aka warranty) I had purchased and suddenly a smile crepted onto my sad face. No, it won’t bring my beloved back…RIP,  but it will bring a new, brand spanking new replacement.

It’s a girl this time (they already told me) I’m going to name her Bridget. oh the things we will do. it’s going to be awesome. awesome I tell you.

Hurry up Bridget we have things to do.

Until next time


ps  written on Todd’s computer’s. shhh I think he’s sick also.

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