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  Hi In between my lung surgery and my heart attack I managed to refinish one of the many projects I have on the go; an old Fairbanks scale that I picked up last fall. I think I paid around fifty dollars for it. Is that a bargain? I have no idea. It was is pretty rough shape when I picked it up […]

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Hi Years and years and years ago a boss of mine gave me some antiques. I know! LUCKY. He had three pieces that he couldn’t fit into his home so he offered them up to me. Never one to turn away from antiques I jumped up and down, clapped my hands and said yes. One […]

My Mummer Tree.


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Hi This year I added something new to my Christmas decorating. I made a Mummer Tree. And I think I’ll be leaving it out long after the season is over. I love it. I’ve collected mummers for a few years. Some mummers I bought from friends who make them from clay or wool and a few […]

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Hi I finally got the curtains up. And I can’t believe how much I love them. So much so I tell Todd every day. They make the space so much nicer. When we first moved here I was sure these windows would stay bare. I didn’t want anything in the way of the views. But once […]

It’s painted.


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Hi and Happy Friday Finally I can get the house back in order and clean up the massive amount of dog hair that I’ve neglected to vacuum and sweep while we were painting. Laundry is now under control and all the dishes are put away. The beds are clean along with toilets and countertops. Things […]

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