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Hi I just returned yesterday from a week in Smiths Falls, Ontario. I was visiting my baby sister and her family. It was a wonderful time even if I did forget my camera and had to take all pictures with my phone. I don’t know what I was thinking. Who goes on vacation and doesn’t bring their […]

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Hi and a happy Friday to ya, Well, I had something completely different to write about today but this is better. As I was drinking my coffee this morning and checking up on the latest developments in Moncton something caught my eye. A little moose. It’s the first one I have actually seen here on the property. […]

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Hi I discovered a new APP. It’s called Waterlogue. Have you heard of it? It’s awesome. It turns your pictures into watercolours. Amazing! Have a look. Aren’t they great. Its the best app rendition of a picture to watercolour that i have used. I’m going to try to print some of these on watercolour paper. I’ll let […]

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Hi Hope you had a great weekend. I’ve been busy the last few days. First a cabinet update… I finally finished sanding of the remaining seventeen doors and drawers.  The sanding made a huge mess. Even though I did it in the workroom with the door closed the dust still managed to get throughout the house. But […]

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Hi When I was in Ontario this past September I did not have the opportunity to take many photos. What I took was mostly from the passenger seat of the car going to the store or the airport. I just rolled down the window and clicked away with my iPhone. I then cropped and ran […]

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