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When we went looking for a house last year one of the things I wanted was a studio. A place for me to spread out, a place to play, a place to get creative. A bright space with lots of windows, lots of floor space, and lots of storage. A place for rug hooking, crafting and sewing and all the other things a creative person could come up with. So when we found this house I was extremely excited that not only did the house have all the other things on our must have list but it had a great space I could use as a studio.

If you looked at the house from an ordinary persons (which I am not) point of view, you would have walked into this house and said, “wow, what a great formal loving room”. I walked in and said, “awesome, look at my new studio”. Yes, my friends, my studio is a formal living room.

Todd, was so giddy about the three bay garage, that he forgot there even was a house. However once we moved in and had a chance to settle did he fully understand what I had talked about. So for a few days he was saying things like….

“Shouldn’t you have your things down in the basement, you can really make a mess down there,” he said.

“ah no, there are no windows Todd and why are we talking about this now you knew from the day we walked in here I was using this room for a studio,” I said.

“Never really thought that this was what you meant,” he said (he really should listen to me more).

“shouldn’t we have a sofa and stuff in here,” he said.

“Shoulda paid more attention,” I said. “I knew right away what this room was going to be used for.”

But yeah the formal living room has carpet (for now) and a wood burning fireplace. It’s sits on the front of the house and is one of the first rooms you see when entering the house. So I threw out a few options.

“I can use the man cave,” I said.

“not an option,” he says.

“or the one spare room,” I said.

“doesn’t make sense,” he said.

“or you put in a lot of new big windows in the basement and redo the walls and add a ceiling,” I said.

“ok, ok,” said Todd.

But really how many places are we going to put couches. There’s just the two of us and we have the living room off the kitchen and the man cave. There are only so many places to sit our asses. So like any good man he has been quite as I play in my studio. Here’s a tour. and yes I am also using the basement, after all a girl needs to spread out ya know. I have furniture to stripe and things to paint.

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