A day of rest.


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Today I decided I wasn’t doing anything besides getting up, reading and maybe get a shower. We have been going flat out with the house reno that we are now near exhaustion. My body hurts so much and each time I go into the house I can do less and less. I have tried to keep my duties to actions where I am not bending and twisting. I am a “cutting in” ninja and cleaning machine. It’s the jobs I can actually do and that does not hurt me. My back is nice and straight. However with the amount of painting that’s being done I can only do a room at a time and someone else (dear friends) is rolling. It’s taking it’s toll. Todd is still going strong and working full time. He’s getting very little sleep so he is hoping this is completed soon.

Our dogs are pissed at us and I don’t blame them. How do I know this…Bud left us a nice brown surprise. So lots of play time and cuddles for them today.

I am catching up on some blogs, watching HGTV which I love and dreaming of a time when we can focus on the place where we actually sleep. We had such awesome plans for here but we just can not get to them. There are rooms half primed, diy projects in the basement waiting for me to get back at. Two rug projects to finish and the list goes on.

So as I sit, dream and rest I am thankful spring weather is almost here. We are in the home stretch… we can do it, yes we can, I just need a day to rest. Poor Todd is at work and then into the house he goes.

Here’s what’s happening outside our house. Glad I am inside…brrrrr.

snowy dayCheers


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